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3:06 pm - Thus 3.22.2012
And The Bills Keep Coming

And The Bills Keep Coming

Looks like the series thing isn't happening.

There's been no definite "No" - and one is not coming, in all likelihood - but it's now been over two weeks, and they haven't "pinned" me or anything.

What that would suggest is that I'm not the guy they want, or even on the short list of guys they're still considering (If it were down to me and one or two other guys, that's where being "pinned" would come into play).

All this should be couched in "qualifiers" - "I've been wrong about these things before", "You never know what could happen", etc. - but's probably not happening.

I'm disappointed, yes, but not as much as you might imagine (Certainly not as much as I would have imagined!). I don't think it quite felt real to me, for whatever reason.

But still...would have been nice to earn thousands of dollars a week, work with actors like Allison Janney and Tony Shahloub, and be an honest-to-god "series regular".

So that's not happening.

And it doesn't look like I'm even getting callbacks for the last two commercial auditions I went out on (for BMW and Chik-Fil-A).

This past Friday, I auditioned for "The Untitled Louis CK/Spike Ferenstein Project", for CBS.

They'd asked me to be prepared to read for two roles - "Bank Executive" and "Bank Customer" - but after I read those, they also asked, somewhat tentatively, if I'd be interested in reading for a third part, "Impatient Guy" (While "Bank Executive" has a number of lines, and "Bank Customer" has a little monologue, "Impatient Guy" has one, two-word line - "Go. GO!").

Anyway, I'm "pinned" for either "Bank Customer" or "Impatient Guy", for a shoot date sometime between the middle of next week, and the start of the following week.

At first, I was excited, assuming being pinned for two roles was a one-or-the-other proposition. But now, after almost a week with no word, I'm growing a little pessimistic about my chances.

So that's my life right now - going from the possibility of being a "series regular" sweating whether or not I'm going to book a one-line costar role.

As the bank account balance goes down and down, while the bills just. keep. coming.


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