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12:25 pm - Sat 1/10/04
The Commercial Audition Biz

The Commercial Audition Biz

Fri 1/09/04 (12:32 a.m.)

Well, it seems after a month-long hiatus, I'm back in the business of commercial auditions...

On Tuesday, I had one at Skirts Casting–where I booked the Incubus video–for USB (I guess it's a bank). It was no big deal, and not my favorite kind of audition (They lined a half dozen of us up and went down the line, asking us questions like "Who would you not want to be stranded on a desert island with?"), but it was good to get something so early in the new year.

And tomorrow afternoon I have a thing at Joe Blake, at the Westside Casting complex I've been to any number of times. It's for an auto parts store, and I guess I'm going in for the "O'Reilly Auto Parts Guy" (Probably not a big-money score, but it might be fun to do. And I assume if I were to get it and things went well, there could be more spots in the future).

Speaking of commercials, Mark and Jane saw the edited HBO commercial I'm in, which I guess aired right before the season premiere of Sex and the City.

The way they described it was pretty much as I'd imagined; basically, I was busted all the way down from "Lead" to "Extra" (I don't have any lines, but I'm still in a shot right at the end). Not quite the commercial "debut" I might have hoped for–Nothing for the reel, certainly--but a "debut" nevertheless.

So with that, and the Incubus video (Which is on the web now, and I think is going to debut on MTV next Friday), it seems like the next goal (In addition to getting bigger paydays) will be to actually get to say something in a spot.

It did occur to me that things are going in the right direction–While it was still a pitifully small amount of money, I made more from acting this past year than I had the year before–and I have a strong feeling this year is going to continue the trend...and then some.


The audition at Joe Blake yesterday was fun; I was the O'Reilly Auto Parts guy, who was figuring out what everyone coming up the counter needed before they could finish asking (Not exactly Death of a Salesman, but at least there was a "scene" to act).

Earlier, I'd been stressing over the fact that the audition was at 2:35 (At Westside Casting, on South Bundy), and I had to be at work at 3:30.

I'd called work Thursday night to let them know I might be late Friday, but I still felt kind of anxious and unhappy about the situation; basically, I really didn't want to have to drive to work, but I also didn't want to get an unnecessary "occurence" (More to the point, I don't want to make any unneccary withdrawals from my "good will account" at the store).

(If you've been following along, you know I ride my bike to work, mostly cause I absolutely hate dealing with street parking here.)

So anyway, I left the house at quarter-after-one, thinking I could get to Westside before 2:00, and maybe get in right as they came back from lunch. But unfortunately, there was an accident near Crenshaw, which slowed me down. Then, when I got to Westside at 2:15, they were running late anyway, and I didn't get seen until almost 3:00.

On my way back, I debated what to do, when I realized that I'd already dealt with this situation before, coming up with a solution that worked pretty well for me; I would drive directly to work, and since, as I've mentioned, I hate driving around and around my neighborhood for an hour at the end of the evening, trying to find parking, I'd leave the car at the bookstore (Making sure the managers know not to call the towing company on me), and take the bus home.

And that's what I did.

You're probably thinking "that sounds more inconvenient than just driving home and dealing with the parking".

But you'd be wrong. The parking thing drives me crazy, and if I can come up with a solution that makes me look good at work without making me scream in frustration, it's all good.

But I've gotta catch a little nap before work (I feel like I haven't had a "real entry" in here for quite a while, but one's coming...)


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