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9:10 am - Sun 11.02.2008
A Blast From The Distant Past

A Blast From The Distant Past

I don't have time for a real entry - I have to get ready for my weekly WW meeting in a few minutes - but I just got an email I have to mention in here...

The email was Diaryland letting me know I'd gotten a "note" from "Gregg Hoffmaster"; he'd come across this journal - in particular, my entries about my childhood - and wants to talk to me.

So I have to assume this is the Gregg Hoffmaster, who at one point was married to Elizabeth Roberts, my biological mother (But who is not, to my understanding, my biological father).

My first thought was that he's mad at me for writing about him and revealing his past.

But that "past" is 47+ years past (And there wasn't much to "reveal", since I don't really know anything), so I imagine he's actually just intrigued by what he came across - just like I would be, if the situations were reversed - and wants to "connect".

And I'm totally up for that.

So I emailed back, telling him that if he wants to give me a number and a good time to call him, I'd call "ASAP".

Stay tuned...


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