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4:21 pm - Fri 12/22/06
A Blip On The Radar

A Blip On The Radar

Due to the "demands of the business", I only have one scheduled day off this coming week.

While I should feel happy to have the hours, I'm really pretty much not; the extra money is negligible, compared to the suck-ocity of only having just one day off to decompress from the busiest week of the year. Especially when everyone else in the civilized world is enjoying some vacation time.


In the most recent newsletter, JS said there were still breakdowns going out, so we should expect some auditions between Xmas and New Year's. After that, he expects it to be pretty quiet till at least after the first week of January.

On the theatrical side, I don't know what to expect, though one thing I am expecting--now that I have someone submitting me for things--is to go out more.

In previous years, with no credits and no representation, I've basically been invisible during "pilot season" (From Janurary through April). But now I've got Brett, I've done a ga-zillion casting workhops, and I have some credits (And I imagine the Bahamas commercial might help as well, if a casting person sees it and is looking for a "Sad Sack" character), so I expect to be "on the radar" for the first time. And I feel that if I get more opportunity, I will get more work.

I guess I've made it clear what I want for myself--every Xmas card I've gotten has wished me more work in 2007.

I don't want to position that wish being fulfilled as the answer to all my problems, but let's just say this--It's hard to see the "down side" of getting a lot of work in 2007.

But speaking of "work"...I've got to get to the theater.

(And dream of a time when saying "I've got to get to the theater" means that I'm in a play, instead of dispensing overpriced snacks and what-have-you.)


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