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2:07 pm - Mon 8/16/04
\"Brevity is the soul of wit\". Or so I've HEARD.
Mon 8/16/04 (12:47 p.m.)

"Brevity is the soul of wit." Or so I've heard.

Regarding my last entry, Jane asked what it would have taken to make Nick and Kyle's wedding a good experience.

My answer?

1. It would have helped if I'd been there with someone.

2. It would have helped if I'd known anyone besides the happy couple.

3. It would have helped if there had been either fewer people at the reception, or more space (I'm starting to think I may be a touch claustrophobic). It's uncomfortable being in an environment where, at any given moment, either you're in someone's way, or someone is in your way.

There are other little "tweaks" I might have given the experience to make it more palatable–For example, I wish I hadn't gotten there so early--but those are the big three.

Nothing really out-of-line there. Didn't need a bridesmaid to have sex with me in the bathroom, didn't need to become best buddies with Michael Richards or Jeff Goldblum, and didn't need Ed Begley to cast me in the lead of his next play (Though don't get me wrong; any of those things would have been pretty cool).


Well, there's been fallout from the "café episode" at the bookstore, but not quite the way I expected there to be.

About a week-and-a-half ago, three people didn't show up for work, which meant we were seriously short-staffed.

And when Daniel, my buddy up in the music department, refused to spend the evening working the café, to "fill in", he got sent home for "insubordination". And I ended up working in the café instead.

Well, this past Friday, Daniel was on the schedule to work closing, but he didn't show (And didn't call).

So I ended up working up in Music all evening.

Daniel recently went to part-time at the store, working just Friday and Saturday nights, to make more time for his music business (He's a composer, who's sold music used in a number of film trailers).

I don't want to go on at length about Daniel, or the situation, cause I know it's not of much interest to anyone but me. But I think he was more than ready to be done with Borders, and this was just the "trigger" he needed.

But I'm very disappointed. I like Daniel a great deal–He's one of my favorite people at Borders–and I think he's a cool guy, but you don't just not come in to your job. He's knows what it's like to work closing when we're short-staffed. That's not just a "screw-you" to Borders–It's a "screw-you" to your fellow employees as well.

And to not even call? Well, that's something a kid does, not a 36 year old man.

But I'll miss him. He was smart, funny, talented, and fun to talk to. It was nice feeling like I had a peer at the store, someone who understood where I was coming from (What with us both being guys "of a certain age" who are trying to pursue our respective careers against steep uphill odds).

But what are ya gonna do? Life goes on...


Talked to Cary and Kay Saturday night (After I got back from the reception).

They're having great fun with Little Donovan, who is progressing along nicely; He now weighs over five pounds, and if he continues along the way he's going, he'll weigh over 7 lbs by his actual "due date" (Which I think is the 29th).

I'm probably going to go visit this Saturday (He still can't leave the house at this point, due to his underdeveloped immune system).


Oh, the answer to Jane's other question (How far away did I have to park when I got back home from the reception?):

For once, luck was with me on the parking; I got home around 8:30, and found a parking space just two blocks down from my building (Barring an audition, I won't have to move it till Wednesday. WOO-HOO!!).

Well, I just seem to want to write and write lately, but when I got an email from Kevin today, agreeing that my last entry was indeed "long and intermittently interesting", it made me think maybe I should air on the side of brevity in the future.

(That's the hazard of self-deprecation; there's always the chance that some honest soul will agree with you!)


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