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4:33 pm - Wednesday, Feb. 28, 2007
Briefly and Blur-illy

Briefly and Blur-illy

Happy news on the Propel commercial front...

1. JS has sent the session fee check.

2. The spot has started running, and I am in it, albeit briefly and blur-illy.

I haven't actually seen it yet, but am going on reports from Carrie (Hi Carrie!), and Pat (The office manager at ArcLight).

(Chris, one of the ArcLight managers, also mentioned having seen it--I'd told him about it previously--but said he only caught it at the end, before realizing, "Hey, that's the spot Jim told me about...!".)

(And Carrie, I'm happy you noticed I looked like I "knew what I was doing"; I forget if I asked or if the person just came over and showed me, but a professional photographer on the set taught me how to hold the camera for that "I know what I'm doing" look.)

So anyway, I'm happy--With this, the "Bahamavention" commercial still running, and the Comcast money on the way (And let's not forget that big pile of money I make at the ArcLight. and the $100 a month I make walking the neighbor's dog), I should be able to pay my monthly bills while lowering my credit card debt and raising my savings, and all whilst having a bit of fun along the way, without any muss or fuss.

Speaking of ArcLight, I'm not planning to jet from there just yet.

There's an impulsive part of me that wants to do just that--the dream is to be an actor 24/7, after all, and that has been a "dream deferred" for a long time now--but I'm nowhere near ready; first, I want to pay down my credit cards, make excellent headway on paying my personal debts, and have a decent amount in the bank to get me through the inevitable "down times" (A year's income is what we arrived at in therapy). Because when I leave ArcLight, I don't want to come back...unless it's as a guest (Or better yet, an actor coming to the premiere of my movie).

And now, this late-breaking report...I just got a call from JS, telling me I have a callback tomorrow for Jiffy Lube.

It's funny, and it would probably run a lot, so I vote for me booking it.

Anyway, I've gotta run (I have my first workshop in two weeks).

Tune in next time, when I write an entire entry without mentioning commercials or acting...


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