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6:59 am - 6/22/07
My Cat Is Broken

My Cat Is Broken

Something's wrong with my cat.

He started peeing on my bed yesterday. Which was irritating, cause it started after I'd completely changed his litter ("So what's the problem?, I thought to myself).

But now it's become something else entirely, because today he's peeing blood.

The vet's office is open at 8:00, and I don't think you need an appointment (So I really ought to get going; I left my car in the ArcLight parking ramp, so I need to take the Metro there, then drive back and take kitty to get looked at).

I'm worried for him (I hope he's going to be okay), and worried for me (I hope it's not going to be too expensive).


In happier news, I'm going to be working three days on Passions next week, as the "Executioner".

I've never seen the show before, but I know it has supernatural elements, so I thought maybe I'd be an old-fashioned/supernatural executioner (With a hood, and maybe an axe); even though it's a small part, I thought that would be kind of cool.

But no, I'm just a guy pushing the buttons for a character's lethal injection (Another "law enforcement"
role--I was "Captain Hoffmaster" of the "Dish Police" in the Time Warner Cable spot, and "Federal Corrections Officer #2" on Nip/Tuck. I think it must be the mustache...).

So, no big acting "thing"--I don't even have any lines--but it's a gig. It's experience, it's money, it's something I can put on the resume, etc. And even if it's not capital-A "Acting", I need a bunch of co-star credits in order to get to "Guest Star/Recurring/Series Regular" Land.

And remember how I said I'd like to book this gig, and the commercial I had a callback for yesterday (For Halifax Medical)?

Well, I got close--Even though it seems unlikely I'll get it, I'm on "avail" for the spot, "...just in case" (They're doing a couple different spots--I read for a different one on Wednesday than I went in for initially--but the one they were considering me for is scheduled to shoot on Wednesday, in the middle of my Passions gig. And I doubt they're going to change their shooting schedule on my account).

I wish things would work out so I could do both, but once again, it's gratifying to know that I was "in the running".

And speaking of "running", I'd better get going.

Wish me and Kipper good luck at the Vet...


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