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10:10 AM - Weds 6.09.21

Auditioning At "Bubblegum Studios"

I've written in here before - probably a number of times - about how, if I'm going to write about auditions (Particularly auditions I feel good about), I need to write about them quickly, before the excitement and hopefulness devolve into disappointment and frustration.

In short, being happy about auditions, when they do happen, has a pretty quick expiration date.

Well, in the past couple days, I've had a happy little run of auditions - two theatricals (For a sitcom and a movie), one commercial, and two voiceovers (One of which I still have to do).

So I need to get this down.


While it's become next to impossible to muster any hope about voiceover things (I've lost track of how long I've been knocking at that door, with no answer), the other stuff still has at least a whiff of possibility - After all, I have booked in those realms, even if that was back in the glorious days of going somewhere, going into the room, and having someone point a camera at me.

I miss that very much...which is why it was so nice to be able to recreate that "going into the room" experience with Jane R; I asked her if she would "help me" with the on-camera things (basically doing all the stuff I'd rather not have to do, in addition to being my Reader), and as always, she enthusiastically said yes.

(She's really cool that way.)

We did the sitcom and the movie audition at her place (aka "Bubblegum Studios") on Sunday and the commercial thing yesterday. And it was easy, and comfortable, and fun.

Which is exactly how I want auditions to go - I want the decks cleared of any strife or anxiety so I can "do my thing" to best effect - but as of this writing, I haven't been able to create that fun, stress-free environment on my own; I can basically do what I need to do most times, but rarely without some angst along the way.

But I need to figure it out - It was lovely having Jane be my Director, Cinematographer, Editor, et al for these last couple auditions...but she's not always going to be available (She's actually heading back to Santa Fe in two weeks, and could be there for a while), so I'm going to have to learn to create my own "easy, comfortable, and fun" audition environment.

Because self-tapes, in all likelihood, aren't going away.

So anyway, the on-camera auditions are done. And, second-guessing myself aside, I think they were all quite good (It was particularly fun that the movie audition and the sitcom audition were for radically different characters - The sitcom guy was decidedly "Kermit-esque" while the other guy was very much...not).

And now comes the part where I make myself crazy, doing what actors are not supposed to do and obsessing over whether I'll book something - It would be particularly nice to get one of these things that Jane helped me with (Because as I told her yesterday, "Then it will feel like our win").

But one of the painful realities of this biz is that, even when you do your best, you probably still aren't going to win.

For now, though?

I could.

Because I have before.

And that's good enough for now.

(Till next time...)



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