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5:16 pm - Tues 9.30.2008


There's kinda/sorta a new entry up on my "Characterman" blog.

But it's not a real entry, so I'll save you time, and give you the gist of it here.

Got my first Google AdSense check yesterday, for $107.

Sadly, it will be my last Google AdSense check.

You know how, whenever I'd post a new entry there, I'd ask you to "...make sure to click on the ad link, so I can make some money"?

Well, turns out I wasn't supposed to do that; you were supposed to just want to click on the ad link, without any cajoling on my part.

Basically, I didn't "think things through"; I thought "The advertisers want people to see the ads, and I want people to see the ads, so asking readers to click the ad link is 'win-win'".

But I was basically begging you for money, and making the advertisers pay for it, without them getting very much in the bargain.

Long story short, I made way more money than I was supposed to, especially considering my rather small "readership"; Google took notice, and has bounced me out of the program.

(Lucky for me, I didn't procrastinate yesterday, and ran to the bank to deposit the check, before they could put a "stop payment" order on it.)

I feel a little embarrassed, a little stupid, and a little disappointed over this whole business (I didn't really mean to cheat anyone, and was actually hoping I'd found a small supplemental income here), but life goes on.

As does the blog; I debated what to do next - quit, try to get other advertising for it, etc. - and have decided I want to keep going with it.

I'm not going to bother with advertising (What would I have to do at this point? Actively tell people not to click on the ads?), but I have put a Paypal "donation" button on the site, in case people feel so inspired.


Along with my first (And last) Google check yesterday, I received a small check from Weight Watchers (I opted for "Direct Deposit", but it hasn't kicked in yet), for my first training session earlier in the month.

I'm going to do one more training session with Amy F., my "mentor", on Friday, and then I'm on my own (I opted for extra sessions, cause I didn't feel comfortable with the procedures for closing a meeting. But I need to start making myself available to actually work, so ready or not, after Friday, that's it for "training").

And I have my first actual meeting as a full-fledged WW employee on Sunday, with my regular group on Beverly Blvd.

Beyond that, I'm set to sub for someone in Culver City on Halloween morning, and there's also a two-hour orientation for new receptionists on the 22nd.

For now, that's it: basically, I'll be starting out as a sub - Hoping to, over time (Hopefully, not too much time) work my way into being a "regular" at enough meetings to actually make a living.

The "base pay" is $20 a meeting - which just about amounts to minimum wage - but it goes up depending on attendance and how much "product" is bought.

(So I plan on being one seriously cheery, helpful, product-selling machine of a receptionist...!)

I'm now officially done paying as a Weight Watchers member - I've canceled my membership, and returned my most recent monthly pass for a refund - but plan to go through the "maintenance" portion of the program "as if" I were still a member (Because it's an important part of the program; beyond that, it's experience I'll want to be able to share with members if/when I become a "Leader").


In belt-tightening news - I've been debating dropping my "land line" for awhile now, but earlier today, I "split the difference" and re-applied for "universal service" (i.e. a "poor person" phone line).

For whatever reason - force of habit, maybe? - I'm uncomfortable with the idea of not having a regular phone; I hope the break I'll get with the "Universal" line will be good enough to see me through.

Beyond that, the only other things that would remain to be "cut" would be cable and Internet (I'm really hoping we don't have to go there), and the food budget.

Well, I imagine reading about me wrestling with money has to be pretty fascinating, but it's time for me to go on my nightly "walkabout", so I can get back in time for The Shield (While I'm still enjoying cable).

See ya...!


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