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11:37 PM - Fri 8.14.20

Icing On The Cake

(Starting this way too late - I'm very tired - but I told myself I was going to make this a daily thing. So while there's still some day left...)

The big news is that Shameless, that show I used to be on that was supposed to start shooting its final season back in March, is a "go" for next month!

I was very surprised by this news - I'd actually posted on Facebook just this morning how I didn't expect the show to start shooting till early next year (That was Mike M's most recent take on the situation, which seemed quite reasonable under the circumstances) - and I'm still a bit "I'll believe it when it happens" about the whole thing.

(That's partially just the way my brain works..but it's not an entirely unwarranted attitude - It'll just take one person on the set getting sick during pre-production to set everything back to square one.)

But the series regulars have been told it's happening, and one of the series regulars told Mike that we (meaning me and Mike) would be very happy with the first episode script (Which suggests we're not just still on the show, but still on the show with a fair amount to do in that first episode - Hopefully, enough to do that it'll require more than one day of shooting)

It'll be nice to be back. A little scary to be back as well, but nice.

And I'm just really curious about what things will be like in "The Pandemic Age".

I've read enough that I have a "sense" of what it'll be like - being tested at the gate, having the crew working in shifts, a very different look and feel for craft services, etc - but there's "having a sense" of what things will be like...and experiencing what they're actually like.

Was talking to Jane R. about all this earlier, and one thing I hadn't given much thought to came out during the conversation - Assuming everything proceeds as planned next month, I'll be working as an actor with no day job.

Just like I've always wanted.

(Well, not exactly like I've always wanted - "Exactly" would involve more money and a bigger role - but...close enough.)

Unemployment when I'm not working, and a Shameless check when I am (I have an unemployment claim through Mid-May).

And hopefully, since Shameless going back into production means other things will be back in production, there will be another gig or two along the way.

Another thing that's particularly nice about the show starting back up now is SAG recently sent an email about "changes" to the health plan that were feeling slightly ominous (And a two-and-a-half-hour Zoom call on the subject this morning still left me feeling...uncertain at best)

But the show starting back up again would seem to leave me in a good position for getting insurance again when my current year ends in April.

And that's the main thing I'm looking for these days - I just want to be "okay".

The fantasy is that someday something's going to happen that'll mean I'll be "okay" for the rest of my life.

But my guess is that's not going to happen - I think the best I can hope for is being "okay for now" or "okay for a while", and I just hope I can keep kicking that can further down the road.

And on the off chance I get something better than that?

Icing on the cake.

Till next time...




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