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12:48 am - TUE 1/28/03
How do I spell relief? C-A-L-L-B-A-C-K

How do I spell "relief"? C-A-L-L-B-A-C-K

Well, this was going to be an entry about how, even though a lot of things have gone well lately, I'm feeling kinda down.

But that's all changed now...because I GOT A CALLBACK FOR THE WASHINGTON MUTUAL COMMERCIALS!!!

If I get this, I'll be shooting one commercial on Monday, and another one--Or maybe a couple more, I'm not sure--the week of the 17th.

The callback is tomorrow at 11:30.

As I told Cary in an e-mail, I want this so bad I can taste it...and it has a smoky, hickory-barbeque flavor.

Now, to cover all my bases, I'd like to conclude with a quote from "Homer Simpson"; "Jesus, Allah, Buddha--I love you all!"


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