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08:21:30 - 2000-12-06
Oliver callbacks
"Oliver" has been cast, and things worked out pretty much the way I'd hoped...

Jane called me at work yesterday morning to let me know I was "Fagin", but told me they were having callbacks in the evening for many of the other roles.

I didn't have to go to callbacks, and initially thought I wouldn't, but then I decided I should go and give Jennifer a little moral support ( When Jane called me, I was very suprised to hear that while I was "a shoo-in", Jennifer was not--Doug Austin was leaning towards Samara someone, which was pretty mystifying. All I could see her having over Jennifer was that she looked a little more like the woman in the movie ).

Jennifer sewed it up at the callback ( I'm sure she didn't really need my help, but before she read one scene, I told her to think in terms of being more "playful" than the other women who had just read. She was, and it worked ). Basically, she just had more of a natural sense of the character, and seemed to have more emotional firepower at her command, than anyone else who read.

I was also happy with the casting for "Bill Sykes". Basically, they had a choice between a huge guy--J.D. someone?--who looked great for it, or the person they cast, Robin Harris, who is not as physically impressive, but sang the "Bill Sykes" song at auditions, and is obviously a better actor ( If I act wimpy enough, and he acts tough enough, I don't think it'll matter that I'm actually a little bigger than he is ).

So I'm pretty happy. I'm going to get to reprise one of the funnest roles I've done in musical theater, and I'll be getting to spend lots of time with Jennifer and Jane, two of my favorite women ever. Life could be worse...

( It was kind of funny at callbacks--Since I was there, they had me read a couple scenes with people. I caught myself mugging to beat the band and thought, "Oh Shit! They're going to be second guessing their decision big-time if I keep THIS up...!". )


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