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5:27 pm - Thursday, Feb. 14, 2008
That New-Car Smell

That New-Car Smell

Thurs 2/14/08 (10:11 a.m.)

(Watching a marathon of the first three episodes of Breaking Bad on AMC. If you haven’t checked it out, and you’re a fan of “edgier” tv fare, give it a try. Bryan Cranston - the dad on Malcolm in the Middle - is amazing in the lead.)

Of course, as an actor, I’m happy the writer’s strike is over.

But I’m not just an “actor” - I’m a fan too - so I’m also happy for the return of many of my favorite shows (The new shows I started watching this year - like Chuck and Pushing Daisies - won’t be back till the fall; the others won’t be back till sometime in April, at the earliest).

But it looks like my favorite show - Friday Night Lights - may not be back at all.

And that frustrates me to no end, both as an actor (I’d kill to be involved in something as good as Friday Night Lights), and as a fan of great tv (People bitch about all the “crap” on tv, but when something really worthwhile comes along, no one watches).

It won’t be the end of the world if my current “favorite show on tv” gets cancelled - it’s happened before (My So-Called Life comes to mind, amongst a number of others) - but it will be very disappointing; I don’t want to say I live for this stuff...but sometimes I live for this stuff.


While it’s always good to book a job, for various and sundry reasons, and it definitely brightens my outlook, it’s almost/kinda/sorta becoming “the status quo”; I’ve booked commercials and co-star roles a number of times now, if not as often as I’d like, so while it’s always something to be desired, it’s lost that “new-car smell”.

And it’s occurred to me that, not only do I want to smell that “new-car smell” again, I want you to smell it too.

I’m eager to make more progress - like booking a tv guest-star part, or a movie role - in part so I can report it in here, and have people be excited and happy for me again.

Cause that makes me feel good.


Thinking a lot about “finances” these days, from taxes (Javier - my therapist, who amongst his various degrees, has a degree in accounting - has directed me away from taking deductions, which I thought about doing for the first time, and towards doing my taxes online, like I’ve done the past couple years), to how I’d like this year to go (to have enough money for bills, enough money to pay my debts, enough money for savings - and some serious financial planning - and enough money for fun), to how I should earmark the money from AT&T, assuming I make enough money from it to be “earmarked” for anything beyond monthly expenses.

I’ve come to realize that what I want, much more than “things”, is to simply live an enjoyable life, to spend most of my time doing things I want to do, with people I want to do them with.

And part of the “enjoyment” is going to come from knowing that, whatever happens, I’ll never fall below a certain “baseline” level of existence. And I want my acting to pay for that assurance, which means 1) I have to get acting work, and 2) When I get it, I have to put a good chunk aside, and 3) that “good chunk” has to make money for me (The piddling interest I’ve made on thousands of dollars in savings this past year suggests to me that savings accounts are for suckers)


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