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1:22 p.m. - Tues 12/4/07
Locked Cases And Interesting Faces

Locked Cases And Interesting Faces

So what's going on in my world...?

Well, in exciting harmonica news, I finally managed to get my new case open.

I didn't open it with the key they sent me (That wasn't working no matter what I did); instead I woke up Sunday morning, and within moments after getting up, impulsively gave jimmying it with a little screwdriver I have another try.

And this time it popped open in, like, two seconds.

And it was beautiful.

Inside it has this black, faux-fur lining, with a long slot for my chromatic, a larger space for my mic, and two trays that hold almost twice as many harmonicas as my old Hohner case.

Anyway, after popping the case open, I quickly put my chromatic, my "Green Bullet", and my harps inside. Then I closed it, enjoying the heft; it's not a super-expensive case, but it's definitely a professional instrument case, and I felt more like a pro just holding it.

Now, initially I blamed myself for what happened next. But when I think about it, it was understandable; I thought I was good to go once I got the case open, since a little baggie containing two keys was inside.

But like the key Guitar Center mailed me, those two keys didn't work either.

And of course, whatever I'd done with the screwdriver to get the case open, I couldn't do again to save my life.

(This is becoming kind of an epic, isn't it...?)

Long story short, I hit a couple places in my neighborhood I thought might be able to help--key places, shoe/bag repair shops--but nothing was open; I also called a luggage shop/repair place, leaving a message on their machine detailing my sorry plight, thinking they could take the lock off entirely, and replace it with a couple of clasps (But as of this writing, I've not heard back from them).

And eventually, once I got back home, and got over my frustration with it all, I was able to consistently replicate what I'd done with the screwdriver.

Which kind of "begs the question": Why bother putting a lock on a harmonica case that can be picked with a screwdriver? Why bother making a lock that can be picked with a screwdriver?

For that matter, why bother putting a lock on a harmonica case at all? After all, you can't sell used harps, and the mics are pretty cheap, relatively speaking, not to mention kind of "specialized" , so you'd get next to nothing selling one used (And if you're a harmonica person, you don't really want someone's used harps).

I don't know...maybe it just adds to that veneer of "professionalism" I was going on about earlier - "I've got a locked case here, so obviously there's something very important inside...".

Anyway, I have a new case...and now I can open it. And that's good.


After my less-than-happy Weight Watchers outing Saturday, I had a casting workshop.

I did a semi-prepared scene from Everwood with Keith H., and it went very well (Pam, the CD, had no re-direct for us. And as I've said before, I like it when the CD doesn't have a redirect).

Afterwards, while she was doing a Q&A with the group, she was saying something about being memorable or the like, and she looked at me and said, "You've got a great look. There are a lot of roles out there for you" (Or words very much to that effect).

Initially, I was pleased, and said so ("That's the nicest thing I've heard so far today..."). But later, to my surprise, I found myself getting depressed and frustrated; I've heard that particular thing a lot (From casting people and fellow actors alike), I still don't exactly understand what it means (And tend to translate it as "You're really ugly...but in an interesting way"), and I'm frustrated that, while everyone seems to agree that I'm "Ugly...but in a really interesting way", it's been years now, and it's not translating into anything like a career.

But I guess I just have to be secure in the knowledge that I'll keep on having a great "look", and that it's just a matter of time till the "look", the "acting" talent, and the right roles start coming together.

But it's really hard not to want that to happen yesterday.

Well, I've got loads more to say, but I didn't really go to bed last night, and it's starting to catch up with me, so I'm going to catch some Z's before my therapy appointment with Javier at 4:00.

See ya...


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