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2:45 am - Sat 11/16/02
think I'm finally \"caught up\" in here...

I think I'm finally "caught up" in here...

FRI 11/15/02 9:03 pm

(Doing this offline, because I want to keep the phone free in case Cressandra calls. I called her earlier this afternoon--got her machine--and she called me back, getting my voicemail. Interestingly enough, I didn't call her back immediately upon getting her message, when she might actually have been home; I called maybe 90 minutes later. She wasn't home. I left a message. But more about all this later...)

Got a call for another commercial audition a couple hours ago.

This one is for The Best Damn Sports Show, which I think is on Fox (I assume it's a promo of some sort). The only thing I was told is that I'm supposed to be a cook. It's at 3:30 Monday, at a casting agency on north La Cienega (I'm assuming it's just on the opposite side of Wilshire; The bookstore is 330 south La Cienega).

(I'm happy to get a couple days notice this time out. I think John works tomorrow, so I"ll be able to tell him about it when I get in at 4:00. And I don't imagine there'll be any issue about borrowing an apron from the cafe.)

After the call for the audition, I got a call from Chris, returning my call from earlier in the day. It was good to "touch base" with him (It's been awhile since we've talked).

When I asked him how things were going, he said things were really slow, nothing was happening, and he was trying not to let it get him down (He actually turned out to have some potentially huge news. But I'll get to that in a minute).

He was very excited to hear about my getting the commercial agent, and getting sent out on all the auditions. I told him about John O. kind of "clearing the way" for me, which he agreed was about as cool as cool gets, and he assured me that the lost work hours/money would work itself out.

(Just saw Buck Schirner, an actor from the Boarshead in Lansing, on tonite's episode of Hack, the first episode I've seen of the show...)

I also told him about Cressandra, and going to see 8 Mile with Kyle from work.

He was very impressed, which I found funny; I mean, nothing's really happened with Cressandra yet, and as for Kyle, even though I had a great time with her at the movies last night, there's no reason for me to assume I was anything but a plesant, non-threatening person to hang out with.

Anyway, Mr "I Don't Have Anything Going On Right Now", after listening to all my penny-ante stuff, tells me, almost as an afterthought, that he may be able to get seen for the upcoming Superman movie! (This is Chris's style, I think; He did the very same thing when he told me about George of the Jungle.)

The face, the build, the personality; If there's a better role for Chris out there than "Superman", I don't know what it is. And how cool would it be to be friends with the newest "Man of Steel"?

(We talked about doing something this coming week, though we didn't set a time.)

I'm now going to go back in time, to last Saturday...

Some time back, Kyle offered to give me rides to work on Saturdays, since we both close on Saturday nights.

There wasn't any strong reason to take her up on the offer till last Saturday, when it was raining; She picked me up--we ended up being a little late, which was no big deal to me--we worked, then she drove me home.

On the way to my apartment, we passed a billboard for 8 Mile. I had wanted to see it on my last day off, and mentioned wanting to see it to Kyle.

She said "Me too. We should go" (Apparently, she didn't know anyone else who was interested in going).

I was happily surprised, and said that sounded like fun, which it did.

And it was.

(I felt a little bit awkward approaching her about it at work on Wednesday--nothing untoward was going on, obviously, but I wasn't sure how concerned she might be about "appearances"-- but I finally did; I asked her if she still wanted to go, and she did. She had something going on Friday--she was going out with Pam, who until very recently worked at the bookstore--so we decided Thursday was the day.)

She picked me up sometime in the latter part of the afternoon.. We stopped for a moment at JS, so I could drop off some headshots, then went to a bagel place on Larchmont--Noah's Bagels--and had something to eat.

After that, we went to the movie, which was playing at the Beverly Connection (We missed the last matinee--I suggested seeing a matinee if possible, which she readily agreed to, since payday wasn't till today--so she sprang for the movie. I probably shouldn't have accepted--we'd "gone Dutch" at the bagel place--but I did. And really, she didn't give me a whole lot of choice in the matter).

(We parked in the bookstore parking lot. If I'd been by myself I would have probably walked through the store, to go out the La Cienega exit, but we walked around the store instead. I wasn't sure if that meant anything or not, but I did wonder for a moment.)

We were about 45 minutes early for the movie, so we ended up looking around in a store I think was called Strouds (Pillows and curtains and stuff like that). Not my typical type of place to browse--I'm more "Toys 'R' Us" than "Bed, Bath, and Beyond"--but in this context, it was surprisingly fun.

We both really liked the movie. It turns out Eminem can act, at least in this context, and the climactic rap battle at the end was worth the price of admission all by itself (I'm going to save my more in-depth thoughts about the movie for another entry).

Then she drove me home--She lives in Koreatown, not all that far from me--and it was obvious that we'd both had a really good time. There were mutual, and very genuine, declarations that "we should do this again sometime".

And you know what? We really should. It was even more fun, and much more comfortable, than I'd imagined it would be. The best time I've had in recent memory, by far. I just had a really good time from start to finish; No awkward pauses in conversation, nothing said that I regretted afterwards, lots of laughter (There's a major age difference between us--She's 25, I'm 41---but at least in terms of our seeming to "get" what the other person was saying, that didn't seem to matter at all).

Of course, there are issues...

I feel myself getting very enthused here, and I don't want to get myself hurt by imagining this was something more than it was. Like I said earlier, I think she's probably the kind of person that doesn't like going to the movies alone, she didn't know anyone else who wanted to see the movie, and she probably perceives me as a comfortable, "safe" guy to hang out with.

But I had such a great time...and I know she did too.

I don't want to "overthink" this--though that ship might have sailed already--but I think the thing for me to do, probably, is to act as if what I just said a moment ago is exactly the case, until and unless I get some crystal clear indication otherwise.

(We're both back at work tomorrow...)

I've been going back and forth on Cressandra, between being interested, wondering if she really has much interest, kind of losing interest in the project (At this point, it's been something like two weeks since I asked her out and she accepted), and then tonite, being genuinely afraid of actually getting in touch with her (After I left my last message, I had little heart attacks each time the phone rang).

Aside from a handful of brief conversations with her at work, and the stuff I got off Google, I don't really know Cressandra (But then again, isn't that sort of what a first date is for?). I find her attractive, obviously, and she's bright and funny, and obviously has accomplished some stuff...and you know what? When I put it that way, why should I not try to follow up on this?

Well, I can definitely say this much--The past week has not been dull...!


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