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8:25 pm - Tues 01.05.2010
The Commercial Cavalry

The Commercial Cavalry

Where to start...?

The big news? My commercials are running!

People have seen the FedEx spot during a couple of Bowl games, and the spot on BBC America.

Since I don't watch football, and don't get BBC America, I haven't seen the spots on tv myself, but Kerry W. posted a YouTube link to the FedEx one, so I had a chance to check that out, and I thought it turned out very well.

(If you click on the link, it's the second spot in; if I've screwed up the link somehow, you can go to YouTube and type in "FedEx Commercials 2010")

So I'm a (moderately) happy camper - The spots are out, I'm actually in them, I'm happy with the one I've seen, and it's been fun getting reports of "sightings" - and it's good to know there's money "in the pipeline" (Which I'll hopefully get sooner rather than later).

Things are probably going to be okay - Maybe better than okay - but I don't know exactly when, and I don't know how "okay" or "better than okay" we're talkin' about here.

So at this juncture, I'm still feeling more "cautiously optimistic" than "over the moon".

But it's a good development, to be sure.

(Though the spot airing on BBC America was a little disappointing, actually - the big commercial money is "network national", so I want these things airing in prime time - but they might be waiting for things to really "start up" again on the networks before debuting it there.)

So while these spots are out there "working for me", it would be nice if I quickly booked a couple more things, so we can keep the good times rolling for awhile (I'd love it if things progressed to where I could just starting banking my WW money, and live off FedEx and Kayak and whatever I end up booking this year).


One reason I might not be as cheerful as seems warranted under the circumstances is that I'm sick - It's taking a little bit of the edge off my "Happy", to be certain.

It's just a cold, I think, something I'd battled with for a week or two, before losing the battle on Saturday.

I could have worked a WW meeting tonight - In West LA, with Lori F. and Teri O. - but this afternoon was feeling too tired and crappy for the hour-long bike ride there to seem like much fun. So I called Lori and begged off (Which was fine - Lori was just throwing it my way in the first place because she knows I can use the meetings. I probably saved her getting yelled at by Sherry G., the TM, for over-staffing).

I've just taken a decongestant, which seem to be at least keeping things at bay, and before I go to bed, I'm going to take Krogers version of Tylenol PM, because I'd love to see what it's like actually getting some rest.


On Sunday, I saw Avatar, which I'd been debating seeing.

(It helped that I had a free pass to the Landmark, courtesy of Miriam B., my WW meeting Leader on Wednesdays. So it wasn't about it being a potential waste of money...just a potential waste of time.)

I liked it well enough as I was watching it, but it's going to be like Forrest Gump and American Beauty, movies I enjoyed watching, but liked less the more I thought about them afterward.

(And I'll be pissed if it wins "Best Picture" over genuinely great movies like The Hurt Locker or Up In The Air.)


I've had conversations recently - with Cary, and with Mark and Jane - that I want to write about in here, because...well, because we addressed a lot of the things I've been meaning to write about in here for a long time.

But it's gotten late, and I should be getting to bed, and they really merit their own entry anyway.

So till tomorrow (Afternoon, at least), I bid you "adieu"...


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