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12:20 pm - Mon 1/16/12
Big Chances

Big Chances

Okay, just now, in very quick succession, I found out I didn't book the Up All Night NBC promo, I found out I didn't book for the show itself, and I accidentally deleted the journal entry I'd been working on all morning.

(Assuming I don't get hit by a car or something once I leave the house, the day can only get better from here...!)

In happier news, my first episode of Austin & Ally aired last night.

I didn't see it myself - I have only limited cable - but from the feedback I've gotten, it's clear I was, indeed, actually on the show.

I'm sometimes ambivalent about promoting my appearance on a given show, when I know it's not a show my "peers" would watch if I weren't on it, but I guess it's nice that people are excited about seeing me on tv, regardless of the vehicle.

(But personally, I'd rather people weren't metaphorically "holding their noses" while watching me, even if I'm not specifically what they're "holding their noses" about - That's not why I got into acting.)

All this is because a number of people have made comments complimentary of me, but disparaging of the show itself.

And I have to say, it's not a show I'd be watching if I weren't on it...but I'm a 50-year-old, not a "tween"; for what they're trying to do (A light, rapid-fire sitcom for kids), I think it works pretty well.

My first Shameless of the season ("I'll Burn A Candle For You Every Day") should be on this Sunday (On Showtime @ 9pm).

I can't know what happened in editing, of course, but this was the episode where I had my first, two-page scene with Bill Macy (Since it figures into his plot-line, I doubt it'll get cut out, but it could certainly get cut down).

As an actor, I'm more "invested" in how this show goes (As opposed to Austin & Ally) because it's more in line with what I want to do, and the kind of show my "peers" would watch.

But that said, I want everything I do to be good, and for everyone to like it.

What can I say?

I'm an actor.

(Chatting with Brett on Facebook - He seems pretty sure the added visibility of Austin & Ally and Shameless will mean bigger auditions down the road...which sounds good to me!)

This really is "uncharted territory"; recurring roles on two tv shows is clearly me being "successful" - I can't rationalize it away - but I don't know what to expect from here.

I guess the best thing to hope for is exactly what Brett said - that this success will breed opportunities for more success.

Because I really do feel like all I need in order to "make something big happen" is to be given some big chances.


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