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4:35 pm - Sat 10/20/07


Big changes are afoot.

As a result of the "Jam Camp", I'm clearing my Monday nights at ArcLight, to jam at an LA club called M'Dears (Where Jon G. is a regular).

Doing this--I'll be starting a week from Monday (Once the schedule change takes effect)--is part good clean fun, and part "testing the waters"--As I become a presence there, and become a better harp player/singer by playing and singing each week (And working on it at home in the interim), maybe I'll make some good connections, and maybe something will happen.

It's worth a shot. And even if it ends up being just "good clean fun", would that be a bad thing?

Something else in the offing (Though I'm going to have to catch it "the next time round", cause ACG sent out the email about it the day the current cycle started): I'm going to take a stand-up comedy class.

The class I'm talking about meets for nine or ten weeks, and culminates in doing a "set" at the Comedy Store. Exciting-and scary-stuff.

People have often commented on how funny I am, and how "You should do stand-up...!". And even though I've been feeling rather dull and decidedly un-funny in recent years, I'd like to "find the funny" again.

And what better way than a comedy class?

Like with the blues jam thing, it seems like an interesting, fun thing to do, and that's a positive in and of itself.
But if it turned out I actually have it in me to be a decent stand-up, seems like it couldn't hurt my acting career at all.

Anyway, there's that stuff. Theoretical at this point, but in the offing.

Some changes I've started putting into effect, however, is that on Friday I went to 24 Hour Fitness for the first time (I'd signed up a few days previously), and earlier today, I attended my first Weight Watchers meeting.

In both cases, I'm getting a bit of a financial break, which is good--The 24 Hour Fitness next to ArcLight has a deal for ArcLight employees(We only pay first and last months dues; there's no initiation fee, and no contract), and Jane is giving me 10 weeks of the Weight Watchers program as "an early Xmas present".

Of the two things, Weight Watchers is by far the more alien experience; I've worked out before, after all, but I've never done anything like Weight Watchers (i.e. publicly declared my fattitude, and my need for diet support).

(I'll be writing a lot more about this stuff later, but I'm running out of time right now.)

I have financial concerns--Everything I'm talking about doing here costs money (And I have it now, but will I have it six months from now? Next year? The year after that?)--and I'm quickly realizing one reason my life has gotten so "small" is that I'm just so damned tired all the time (The next thing I need to do is get my ass in gear, and get to a doctor regarding my sinus/sleep apnea issues).

But it seems like the time is right to do this stuff, to take some chances, to try and make my life fuller and more enjoyable.

Wish me luck.


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