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3:45 pm - 02.06.2009
Game Changing
(Originally written this morning, around 8 a.m.)

Game Changing

Not much time right now, but wanted to "knock out a quick one"...

Have a commercial audition at 12:45, for Verizon (Meaning I'm going to miss my second Weight Watchers meeting today, but what can ya do?).

At last night's meeting, I told Carissa, my fellow receptionist, that one thing I really like about auditions - particularly commercial auditions, in this case - is that they are potential "game-changers".

I didn't have that back in Lansing. All working at Schuler Books was going to lead to was more working at Schuler Books.

And no matter how well I did in a given play - and I loved doing theater, don't get me wrong - it wasn't going to change things for me in any appreciable way.

But getting the right audition, booking the right gig, has the potential to change my life radically.

And I think that's pretty cool.

I haven't booked the game-changing gig just yet - though Propel certainly "altered the landscape" for a couple years - but it's out there, waiting for me.

And right now, I could "use" that big, landscape-altering/game-changing gig.

But in the meantime, I'd settle for a win or two that alters the current dynamic - Instead of having Weight Watchers be my primary source of income, and by that standard, being a failure, it would be great if my income was coming primarily through acting/commercials, and Weight Watchers was "supplementary income" (Cause by that standard, it would be a success - it would be a nice part-time job to have...if I could afford to have it only be part-time).

Well, speaking of Weight Watchers and auditions and what-not, it's time for me to go...

Wish me luck!


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