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7:08 pm - Sun 03.02.2008
Notes From A Happy Chappy

Notes From A Happy Chappy

Just got a call a short time ago.

I'd assumed it was something about the AT&T re-shoot tomorrow - who else would be calling me on a Sunday evening? - and was hoping against hope they were calling to tell me it was postponed for some reason (I missed the call- being indisposed at the moment - so they left a voice-mail).

But no such luck; it was just Wardrobe, reminding me to bring back anything of my own I'd worn on camera last Monday (Which for me just means bringing my shoes, which are the black New Balance shoes I wear most of the time anyway).

Call tomorrow is 7:00 a.m., an hour later than last week.

I don't want to make too much of the later call, but I'd have to say I'm drawing at least some encouragement from it. Seems to suggest they aren't expecting it to be as long of a day. At the very least, it means a little extra rest (I got the day off from work today, so I'm planning to hit the sack by 9:00 or so, and will be getting up between 4-4:15 a.m.)

I've been taking it very easy today - I went to my Weight Watchers meeting (which I'd considered blowing off), then to Walgreens, for shaving cream and deodorant, and have been home, mostly in bed, the rest of the time - and my poor, overextended groin seems to be appreciative.

I don't know quite how I'm going to handle tomorrow - whether I'm going to just try to do what they want and "get through it", or "say something" to someone about my delicate condition (And by that, I mean my pain throughout this past week, and my fear that, if I'm not careful, some part of my body might rip, tear, or break off altogether before the day is done).

I feel in a better position to express some concerns at this point - politely - because we're "a ways down the road" now, and I'm guessing they don't want to lose any of the "dentist" principals to accident or injury, and have to have another day of reshoots.


So what else is going on...?

Had two workshops on Saturday, for casting associates from April Webster (Who do Lost and Criminal minds) and Patrick Rush (Who do Chuck).

I thought they both went quite well - Neither of my scenes got re-directs - but I've seen both of these people before (Quite awhile ago), and...well, I don't know if an appearance on either of those shows - and I'm a big fan of both - is in my future.

This is a potentially interesting development: I may be screwing around musically with Chris Johnson, a friend from ArcLight, sometime in the near future; he's a budding blues musician/composer, he knows I play harmonica, and he asked awhile back if I'd be interested in working on some stuff with him.

It's kind of scary, because he really hasn't heard me play anything beyond an idle lick or two one time at the theater (As I told him when we talked last, "I'm afraid you're going to hear me in the studio, then have me escorted out of the building..."), but I think it's worth the risk (Which is pretty minimal, when I think about it).

It might be fun.

And who knows? Maybe it turns out we're onto something, and it turns into a little "thing" I can make some money from.

(I'd rather spend my nights playing in a band than languishing at ArcLight, or some similarly dead-end job.)


Still thinking a lot about finances, and what I need to do to start having my money make some money.

Some people have suggested an online savings account, since the interest rates are higher than with a brick-and-mortar bank (Javier suggested an ING "Orange" account).

But the idea of an online bank account makes me uncomfortable somehow; what I think I'm going to do instead is switch from my savings account, which is doing nothing, to a money market account.

I don't have a lot of money to work with at this point (Though it's more savings than I've ever had before), and for reasons I don't completely understand, the moment I start thinking about "finances", I feel overwhelmed and anxious.

But I've got to do something.

Cause I don't want to end up homeless, or in some situation worse than where I'm at now, years down the road.

And on the opposite end, it would be nice if, with a little effort and a lot of luck, I could actually have the life I imagine for myself, a life that involves acting, enjoying time with friends (Note to self: Make some friends out here), quality time to myself, and not working a "straight job".

Well, time has flown - it's almost 9:00 p.m. - and it's time for me to hit the sack.

Wish me luck tomorrow (I'm pretty much just looking for the same thing I was looking for last week - I want to get through it, not be hurt, and be able to do what they want me to do. If that happens, I'll be a happy chappy).


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