Jane - 2003-09-03 10:02:56
I know you have MAJOR emotions to deal with in regard to these issues, because of all the anger at past injustices they trigger--which makes your fighting the occurrences in a relatively controlled way even more commendable. Do remember, however, that the people "disciplining" you are caught in the same impersonal system that you are. If you can "forgive" them, it's not so much for their sake as it is to give yourself more personal peace in the situation.
lauren - 2003-09-03 12:30:44
good for you for "handling" it as best you could and sticking up for yourself! yay you :)
theatre-geek - 2003-09-04 15:49:03
They don't deserve you. Be prepared to move on. Keep the job for the money, but if something else comes up, nab it! Re-do your resume. Start interviewing. It might make you feel better.
kookla - 2003-09-05 15:45:23
Time clocks! At my former job they made it a point to keep the time 3 min. slow to help avoid such write-ups. Your boss is an A-hole and knows darn well that Binc would side with you on this point.

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