Carrie - 2004-03-26 21:55:58
I'm looking forward to "Eternal Sunshine". I have at least one day off coming up at Easter. I may have to spend the entire day at the movies.
JANE - 2004-03-26 22:42:00
(I think it's Malkovich, with a "k".) Had my first read through of the new expanded TRUNK tonight. Very intriguing...I hope people come to SEE it. Wish YOU could see it, James...! Maybe we can talk Matt Ottinger into tapiing, as he's the only one who seems to do any justice to these little stage epics.
dick h - 2004-03-27 08:48:14
Jim, I couldn't agree more about Eternal Sunshine and Mr. Kaufman. (KaufmanN?) Wonderful stuff, I laughed, I cried, I once again puzzled over why Jim Carey does so much Jim Carey when he can do something like this. I also was head over heels about the leading lady. I wasn't familiar with her work, but had unfairly filed her in the "to be ignored" cubby of my little mind solely on the basis of her having been in Titanic, which I've never seen but nonetheless detest on general principles. Can't help it. I do things like that far too often, and probably miss out on some delights because of it. Oh well.
theatre-geek - 2004-03-29 13:33:34
Reading backwards... I'm glad you are getting pretty regular auditions. It's nice to know you are moving up and directors are more familiar with you. I like that feeling.

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