JANE - 2004-05-09 14:46:21
Wow -- great to read a D-land about you actually DOing what you went out there to DO! Woo-hoo!
Alan L - 2004-05-09 15:07:20
Wow! I'm impressed Jim. It sounds like a real kick with fairly nice money to boot. I hope you can keep this roll going. Also, I got to See Trunk Friday night and enjoyed the hell out of it. I sat behind Kevin's parents and next to Mark.
Mark N. - 2004-05-09 19:49:07
Great news, Jim!! Is this a national commercial? (i.e. is there a chance I'll be seeing in the hinterland of mid-Michigan). Anyway, I'm really happy for you.
theatre-geek - 2004-05-10 11:06:54
This is so freakin cool! Just reading your thoughts on the whole thing made me feel so happy for you. (Captain Hoffmaster! That is fabulous! And you get to keep it!) You saw a lot of new faces and they will remember you for being professional and funny, You never know what might happen in the future because of the contacts you've made through this. And I'm sure the money is not bad either. More for the savings account! Now...go audition for something else!

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