gail - 2004-05-18 14:41:10
I AM a gearhead, and you were probably sitting on a Kawasaki Vulcan (Yamaha doesn't make a Vulcan). I've had a mid-size Vulcan for a dozen years - and just got a bigger bike (Suzuki but it sits just as nice). And, what if the Olsen twin meant she was legal DRINKING age, not for spreading her legs? Just a thought :)
theatre-geek - 2004-05-18 15:44:19
That does seem tacky of them to say that. Although I'm sure it got a wild response from the guys in the audience. As far as Charisma posing for playboy, if she wants to, I think she should. But, you're right. She doesn't HAVE to. She is better than that. Although, now I am curious and may just have to secretly buy a copy. :-)
Alan L - 2004-05-18 19:11:56
I have actually never seen the Olsen twins and probably never will. However, my reaction when you reported they said they would become legal was that they would be able to drink alcohol. Of course that's not as tacky as what you had in mind. It could very well be they were referring to what you had in mind. As I say, I didn't see it.

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