Jason Schwab - 2005-01-21 03:01:14
Ahh yes, the whole political party thing... I think the only way the democrats will re-take control is if the republicans really mess up. Think Watergate. Something has to happen that affects people in Kansas, some sort of domestic problem. If the country has a domestic problem, such as a watergate, or a dust bowl, or another such scandal, the democrats have a better chance of coming back. As long as this war on terror anchors us down though, republicans will most likely keep getting voted in. Even if an imbecile republican runs (see current president). --Jason
Jason Schwab - 2005-01-21 03:02:57
Of course, if democrats moblize and start a revolution, things could change....
JANE - 2005-01-21 12:32:12
My uncomforting theory -- that the world runs on a combination of human free will and the laws of physics -- implies any "progress" must be the result of our activating the "good" side of our free wills. Maybe that's all there is of "God," and at least we can affirm from our experience that it IS real. We've given and received "love" or "goodness" efforts to "build life" or "help people." Maybe that inclination to "good" is all there IS to be "worshipped" embraced, encouraged, guided by... Maybe that's what you meant by "flying" when you realize there's no ground under you -- flying on your own power, not looking for some supernatural help--or maybe affirming that "your own power" IS supernatural?
theatre-geek - 2005-01-21 21:05:15
That last sentence was a good one. You have learned a lot since your start in L.A. Just think about what one or two more years could do! Politics? Don't understand. I may never understand what the heck is going on with our "leaders".

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