dick - 2006-01-14 23:56:26
Hey Jim, thanks for the info. Guess I'll google me up some html help. Bummer indeed, about the House thing. I'm sure another chance will come up, however, and I look forward to seeing you on the tube. My nascent website, weak, wailing, misshapen newborn that it is, can be found at
Mark N. - 2006-01-14 23:59:21
Definitely a real BUMMER regarding House, but don't feel embarrassed about it, Jim. I still think it's damned cool that you shot a scene for an excellent show like House. It's not your fault that you were edited out. To paraphrase the Godfather, I'm sure it was business and nothing personal.
Kookla-doodle - 2006-01-20 00:58:00
I am really sorry about House, but it won't matter later when you DO get that break you're striving for. :)

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