Jane - 2006-04-30 10:51:55
Makes me sad... and makes me sadder that this situation seems to be a revolving sequel to itself... and I know you know that -- and it makes you worse than sad. I wish I could tell you some "once and for all" idea or plan that would make it change, but even if I could... it's up to you. (Just like MY mess is up to me.) Seems like paltry encouragement to say that I -- and your other D-land fans -- are paying attention and wishing you well, but we are.
gail - 2006-04-30 20:30:58
It may be cold comfort, but if you hadn't gone to LA and tried this, you would have always wondered and that would be worse. Are you up for getting taken out to lunch or dinner for your birthday some time next month? I've been meaning to visit you as well as a cousin who lives in Santa Monica - sounds like you could use a break in your routine.

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