kookla-doodie - 2006-08-05 20:39:07
what can I say? {{{Hugs}}}
gail - 2006-08-09 01:07:46
I,too, struggle with needing to be 'cheerful' in my diary entries. I haven't been 'smacked down' like you refer to, but have definately had a lot more positive feedback when I'm happy or entertaining. Plus, my mom and my ex have the address (why did I give it to them??). Unfortunately, life occasionally truly sucks, but the alternative doesn't thrill me either.
JANE - 2006-08-09 23:54:37
Yeah -- I really go for that Spong definitiion of God when I can believe in any kind of God at all. I was the one that found that article and put it in. (Most of the time I don't have much "input" on the content of the newsletter -- I kind of feel like a "failure" at the religion thing -- always the skeptic.) It seems to me the choice is to believe in Spong's kind of God -- or that it's impossible to know God. ( BTW, it's "Fellowship for Today" -- kind of "Unity" if it has to be a "denomination" -- sort of "new age.")

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