Jane - 2007-09-23 21:21:41
Sounds awful -- I'd tend to freak out, too, in that situation -- but in a more tearful, frantic, helpless "I give up" sort of way... I think there could be repurcussions for THAT, too. All you can do is hope that, in fact "procedures" will be put in place to cope with it next time. The projector broke or something during that locally made Macbeth movie where Jennifer was Lady Macbeth-- and everyone left pretty calmly. I think there were people handing out free passes at the exit to the auditorium.
Carrie - 2007-09-24 08:49:03
Sorry you had to deal with this situation. One would think that there would be procedures already in place for dealing with an alarm situation, starting with always assuming it is an actual emergency and dealing with it as such. Otherwise, I'd probably be asking for a refund as well. It's difficult for me to schedule a movie, let alone schedule the same movie twice. (I've actually had two instances where I've asked for a refund and neither time was I even asked what the problem was. They just gave me my cash back.)
BillyBob - 2007-09-24 14:15:48
Good thing you don't carry a taser...

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