Jane - 2007-12-08 21:55:50
Regarding the mouse: If you DO get a new one, the "optical" ones are great -- just a red light on the bottom - not prone to "normal mouse" problems. BUT before getting a new mouse, try this: Unscrew that round disc on the bottom of your mouse, and take out the ball. Look into the spot where the ball was. There are three "contact points" that can get gunked up with fuzz and goo. GENTLY nudge, pick, wipe that stuff off with a damp q-tip or the like. Put it all back together and it should work better. MY former mouse problems involved the cursor jumping around or not responding -- so I'm NOT sure that the wacky scrolling would be helped by the same procedure, but still... couldn't hurt to de-crud your inner mouse.
Cary - 2007-12-09 16:46:45
Jim -- Another thing to try, though it may sound silly. Hit the ESC key, and maybe confirm that the scroll lock key isn't on (just punch it a couple of times). This scrolling thing can happen when a contact point on the mouse or keyboard is being read as depressed (it happens to me at work on occasion when my keyboard tray slides forward and my ESC key gets wedged down). If you do buy a new mouse - open it gently and save all the packaging. If it doesn't fix the problem, just take it make - they'll accept returns. Oh, and no, I haven't left for MI yet -- just been wicked busy. I'll give a call this week!
Cary - 2007-12-09 16:49:22
Umm...that should be "take it back." Man, I need some sleep...

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