Bruce - 2008-08-02 15:51:58
Hey, Jim. This is my God-thinking. I think it would be blasphemous to believe the Supreme Being and Creator of all things is less emotionally mature than I am. Of course, this means I think an awful lot of people are blasphemers.
gail - 2008-08-03 03:21:49
I have a friend whose spiritual practice is kindness. It works for him in real time, and if there is a god, perhaps he racks up bonus points for the everafter.
Kathy - 2008-08-03 18:30:14
I'll weigh in for a sec. I, too, was raised with a God that I was told was watching me, and I always thought as a child, that meant sort of judging me. I was told whether I went to heaven when I died depended on the "state of my soul" at that moment - that is, whether I had asked for forgiveness. At least, that's how I understood things, and that meant that for a period of time, every time I got into the car I spent the entire car ride praying for forgiveness, on the chance that we got into a car accident and died! That was a tough period for me, to say the least! I left that "religion" (denomination - Assembly of God/Pentecostalism) because it didn't fit - and I became presbyterian 20 some odd years later because that did! It's way different -and I'm glad I gave something different a try!
Carrie - 2008-08-04 17:29:04
As far as religion goes, faith does make some people happy in that they feel they have the "answers" or in that they feel they can let "Jesus take the wheel" so to speak. I know this is what my father believes. Of course, he also believes that Jesus gave him a double-wide trailer and cured his cancer. Who's to say he's right or wrong? The idea of organized religion that I find most appealing is the sense of community. There's a large United Methodist church near my home and many of my favorite local people are members. Some of these people became my friends through their friends at church and some became my friends independently and just happen to be members there. (Including one neighbor. It's really weird.) They all support one another and their community (local and global) and I think that is what draws so many to service every Sunday.

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