Kerry - 2009-07-17 10:48:09
Hi Jim, What has been worrying me about you for a while is that you are getting more closed. You write so much less than you used to. Your diaryland was almost a daily thing, it was 8 days between entries this time and 3-4 paragraphs in you were lacking the energy to continue. Either you are censoring and rewriting your thoughts so often that it has worn you down to write those few paragraphs - or just writing three paragraphs is hard - something is very wrong. If you are self-censoring this much, it is /you/ who are getting smaller. Closing yourself off. And this will show in any auditions you may have, and affect the outcome. If you are only taking these classes to grasp at straws - if you are thinking you are not good enough at 'the regular acting thing so let's see if I suck at this'... you are taking them for all the wrong reasons and no wonder they are not enjoyable or fulfilling. I think you have lost the joy of acting. It has become this 'thing' that you must attain. You need to find the joy again hon; In yourself and your acting. Otherwise you become your Bahamavention character, only this time it's not funny to watch or be. Love ya buddy! If ever you need to talk in a less 'open' environment I'm here for you, as are your other friends.

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