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12:28 am - Fri 3.12.2010
Crazy Talk

Crazy Talk

So what's going on?

Continues to be really slooowwww on the acting front...had a commercial audition (An Internet spot for Land Rover) on Tuesday - went okay, I guess - but overall, I'm feeling very discouraged at how slow it's been.

I've had seven auditions so far this year - one so far this month, and three in each of the previous two months - and it's hard to feel like you have, or are ever going to have, anything like a "career" under these kind of conditions.

And speaking of "these kind of conditions"...

In a recent newsletter, JS laid out how grim things have gotten commercially. And not in a "things are bad, but they're going to get better" kind-of-way; it was more like "Abandon all hope, ye who enter here..." (I know why he periodically does this - because he gets tired of taking shit from actors who call him all the time unhappy about how they're not going out, and blaming him, like he's intentionally not getting them auditions - but I could really live without these little "anti-pep talks" of his).

Then - because I clearly wasn't depressed enough after JS's newsletter - Anne-Marie Johnson, SAG's 1st National Vice President, pretty much did the same thing on the theatrical side in the most recent SAG newsletter.

I don't know what I'm supposed to do with this shit - I'm basically Richard Gere in Officer And A Gentleman.

Cause I got nowhere else to go.

This is tough stuff, kids - I'm heading towards my 49th birthday, I've been out here for nine years now, I have absolutely no idea if I'll ever advance in my career beyond a line on a tv show here or a commercial there, and the general consensus from people in a position to know seems to be "We're screwed".

What do you do with that?

It's a conversation Cary and I have had a couple of times now - there's really nothing to do but keep plugging, as long as you can, and hope you're talented enough and interesting enough and lucky enough to grab hold of whatever opportunities come your way.

Cause what else am I going to do? Not be an actor?

Cause that would just be crazy....


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