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11:35 pm - Thurs 02.18.2010
Cut Off From The World

Cut Off From The World

Thurs 2.18.10 (8:35 am)

My Internet is down.

It was up a few times (briefly) yesterday. But I’ve been awake about an hour now...and I got nothing (Called Time Warner yesterday afternoon just for fun - had a lovely interaction with the help desk person in the Philippines - only to be told what I already knew; something was broken on their end and all I can do is wait it out. So here I am - waiting).

The good side of this unhappy state of affairs? I can do this with minimal distraction (The down side? I need to curtail my use of commas and quotation marks - Diaryland fails to read them when I copy and paste. Meaning I then have to go back through an entry and change all the curvy little commas and quotation marks in Wordperfect to the little hash-mark commas and quotations marks D-land can read (And I use a lot of commas and quotation marks. And I never catch them all on the first go-round. Or the second. Or the third. But anyway...).

I’ve been painting myself into a corner here in Diaryland and I want to stop.

I told Jane about this in an email yesterday - I resist writing journal entries out of fear that (without an acting thing to write about) I’m going to bore people.

That is not a helpful thought for me to think.

I’m an actor. That is a given.

But I am also a person. And a kinda-sorta-wannabe writer. And one of the biggest challenges I face these days is figuring out who I am (And what my life is going to be about) beyond acting.

Because the majority of my life - like it or not - is spent not-acting.

(And now - of course - all I can think of to write about is “acting stuff”...)

(Watching Life Unexpected - A CW show I thought might be interesting because of the “foster kid” angle. But this is my second episode and I am just not feeling it. Anyway...)

In acting-related news: Finally got the long-awaited large (-ish) infusion of cash from my commercials (And from Castle - a check that arrived much faster than expected).

Nice to know that for the next number of months (barring unforeseen circumstances) rent will be covered (and bills will be paid... and food will be eaten) with minimal stress and strain. It is a huge relief

But the huge relief has faded depressingly fast - With money worries on the back burner (for now) my worrying mind has simply moved all my other worries up in the rotation.

(What can I say? I have a gift)

The Castle experience has left me very antsy - even more than usual - for the next good booking (One where I go on the set and film something and then people watch it on tv).

So when Sharon (My theatrical agent) called yesterday with an audition for Parks and Recreation I thought my acting prayers had been answered. I would very much like to book a good sit-com...especially since a friend recently shot a bit on Community (What can I say? - I am a competitive guy).

But shortly after sending the audition info she called back; they had rewritten the part (Or written it out. I forget which) so it was not happening after all..

(Too bad - It would have been a funny bit - but what can you do?)

So here I am.

An actor without any acting to do.

A writer/journaler afraid to bore you with non-acting news/thoughts/opinions.

And an Internet junkie...with no Internet.

(12:57 pm)

Just finished watching the 1998 Zorro with Antonio Banderas and Catherine Zeta-Jones (My good impression of her has faded over time - get past Chicago and her career has been pretty mediocre. And she seems to have the personal depth of a wading pool - but she was about as beautiful and sexy as it gets in that movie).

I thought I would make productive use of this enforced non-Internet time and do some laundry before my Weight Watchers meeting later this afternoon...but all the washers are full (Not the end of the world - I have enough clean clothes to hold off on laundry till tomorrow or Saturday - but when I finally gear up to do something, I find it annoying to be thwarted by circumstances beyond my control).

So I just wrote commission checks for Brett and Sharon (My manager and theatrical agent). A painful-but-necessary task ( I have a bad deal with Brett - for reasons previously addressed - but I made the deal, so until I can figure out something better...I have to work with it. But I do not have to like it).

Went out to check the mail a short time ago; I saw Mark H. - my upstairs neighbor - who told me he has internet (I still do not).

I find that confusing and I think I shall call Time Warner again (I need to find out what the deal is. I was told there was an outtage in my area...but I didn’t realize they meant just the “area” of my apartment).


I'm back online...sort of.

My connection is going in and out - After I got back from my WW meeting earlier this evening, I got online, and was able to stay online long enough to pay my bills (Which I typically do online, for the most part).

Well, since this connection seems pretty "iffy", I'm going to "get while the gettin's good"...if I'm not already too late.


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