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12:43 pm - Fri 3/26/04
A New Cycle Begins

A New Cycle Begins

Fri 3/26/04 (8:53 a.m.)

Just finished reading my friend Kevin's play, Trunk (He sent me an email copy, to check out some additional scenes he'd written since last time I read it).

I don't want to go into an involved description of the plot–that kind of thing always bores me to death-- but basically, it's a series of mini one-acts, all involving the title piece of luggage (He makes very inventive use of the trunk–people sit on it, have sex (or try to have sex ) in it, and kill people with it, not to mention using it to store some very interesting stuff).

I really like the show. It's inventive, funny, and downright moving in spots. And in terms of viability, it has a small cast, and would be very easy to produce (In other words, I totally think he could sell this puppy!).

But the acid test for me is, "Would I like to do this show?". And I really would; once again, I found myself imagining how I'd play certain roles as I was reading it (I was especially partial to "Stan", a demon who wouldn't be out-of-place on Angel, and Jack, the serial killer we first meet five days before his execution).

Jane's going to be in the show back in Lansing, along with Jack D., who directed Kevin and me in To Gillian On Her 37th Birthday some years back (I regret that I never acted with Jack in a show, because I think he's really good).

And speaking of Kevin, he's going to be here in June!

He'll be getting in on the 2nd, and leaving on the 10th.

At some point, he wants to go to Vegas with me, which should be fun (I've never been before), but I think it's mostly going to be just kicking around L.A..

Once again, I'm happy to have something to look forward to beyond the next commercial gig.


The audition yesterday at Danny Goldman's went pretty well, I think.

It was a spot for some sort of vitamin product.

What I had to do was silently respond to being served the same tomato-based meal over and over and over, which was fun and sort of challenging. I went from initial skepticism ("It's good for me...?"), to happy acceptance ("Hey, this tastes pretty good!"), to confusion ("Didn't I just have this yesterday..?"), to distaste ("I'm getting kinda sick of this crap...!"), to stony anger ("I am not eating this again...!").

I'm not sure who I was dealing with in the room. There was a camera guy, but another guy who was directing me (Usually, at a first audition, there's just a camera guy). Hopefully, that was the director, and they're skipping callbacks (Rare, but it does happen), but in any case, I walked out with a good feeling about it.

(If I got it, it would shoot in Vancouver, B.C., which would be a fun "first" for me!)

So I'm kinda on a new "cycle" here–With yesterday's audition I now have three things which, as far as I know, are "outstanding"(Meaning "they could turn into bookings")–which is nice.

And even though I had sort of perceived things as "slowing down", they actually aren't; I've had five auditions so far this month, got callbacks from two of them, while a third (The X-box thing) was "straight-to-callback", which is cause for celebration all by itself (I like the idea that casting directors are starting to know me well enough that I'm sometimes getting to skip the initial audition).

Now I'm going to do my best to just "move on", and try to forget these callbacks ever happened. Then, as "Theatre-geek" suggested, it'll just be a delightful surprise when I get a booking (This echoes advice Bryan K. gave me early on; Basically, it's best to act as if there's no point in auditioning beyond the audition itself. Otherwise, the rejection/uncertainty will eat you alive).


On Wednesday, I saw Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind (Love that title...!).

I thought it was just great. I now officially plan to follow Charlie Kaufman (The screenwriter) wherever he wants to go (If you enjoyed Being John Malcovich and Adaptation, you'll enjoy this. And if not, not). I just really like the way his mind works.

But I'll have to continue this later. Little Jimmy's gotta get some rest before work...


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