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12:37 pm - Weds 7/26/06
Too Damned Hot

Too Damned Hot

Sun 7/23/06 (2:37 a.m.)

Just finished watching Something Wild on local WB station KTLA, and they really made a hash of it–they jumped from a point in the middle of the movie to the very end (Complete with credits), then back to a point about halfway between, then they had a scene that lasted about 30 seconds long, then they repeated a scene, and finally, the movie proceeded chronologically from that point to the climax (I wondered if they were going to play the end of the movie again–I like that ska version of “Wild Thing” that plays over the credits--but they didn’t).

Why am I writing about this? Cause I think it’s interesting–Sometimes I like when things go a little haywire, especially on tv (For some reason, I’m intrigued by the idea of a tv station running on auto-pilot ), but I also actually like the movie, and would have enjoyed seeing it again, minus the post-modern, Tarantino-esque, scrambled chronology.


At work last night, right towards the end of my shift, there was a little incident where I asked some people for their tickets, they didn’t have any, and I had to call management–who alerted security–and have them escorted out of the theater (The incident is interesting enough to mention, but not so interesting that I need to give you the blow-by-blow description. Let’s just say they had gotten past the ticket taker somehow, were in the theater, and seemed to think I was going to just accept their lame excuse for not having tickets and say “Hey, enjoy the show!”).

Why am I writing about this? Because it demonstrates one reason I wouldn’t want to be a supervisor/manager at ArcLight; I have to deal with this sort of crap from time-to-time and I don’t like it, so I know I wouldn’t care for a daily dose of bullshit like that.

And in a more general sense, it was the kind of thing that made me think “I really want to be past this...” (I had a couple incidents last week–Having some asshole give me grief when I asked him to turn off his PDA in the middle of a movie, because people were complaining about the light, and the next day, having two guys lose their minds when I told them they couldn’t come in 15 minutes into the movie–that made me feel the same way). I just don’t want my life to be about dealing with this kind of crap.

Sun 7/23/06 (1:20 p.m.)

Have only a few minutes, but wanted to write a little something...

It’s hot hot hot here in L.A., and I don’t know when it’s going to cool down.

But it does make me appreciate all those days where, as I tell people, “I couldn’t be more comfortable if I’d set the temperature myself” (Or words to that effect).

So anyway, I’m hot...and not in a good way.

And the illness that started on Wednesday, pissing me off because I allowed myself to get sick two days before a tv shoot, has now emerged full-blown, with a “productive cough” that has become downright painful, and has proven pretty much immune to the Robitussin I’ve been dosing it with.

(Semi-interesting medical note–It’s pretty unusual for me to have a “productive cough”; for some reason, I very rarely get chest colds.)

And partly because of the painful, persistent, and productive cough, my ever-present “sleeping issues” have gone from “bad” to “worse”.

In short, I feel like shit.

But enough about that...

Carrie, amongst others, have asked when my Gilmore Girls episode is showing.

And the answer is September 29th...I think.

I actually didn’t even ask about it on the day of the shoot (It felt awkward when I did that when I shot House; no one knew, and I had to call the A.D. back a couple days later to find out). But recently, while browsing one of the entertainment websites I enjoy ( or, I forget which), I ran across info that the episode in question (“The Long Morrow”) is the season premiere on September 29th...I think.

(I find it odd that I didn’t think that information was important enough to write down. But anyway...)

Mon 7/24/06

Here's the semi-interesting stuff that's going on in my life right now...

(And I feel silly, yammering about the goofy crap in my life when, looking at world events, the friggin' Apocalypse seems to be well under way. But what can I do? As I've said before, "this is the story I've got".)

On Saturday, I did something pretty crazy, one of those things I like to do "every once in a blue moon": I tried to get a girl to go out with me.

Her name is Karianne. She's a 30-something brunette who works at the theater, and over the past couple months, I've felt there was a nice little spark when we interacted.

Since I can't remember the last time I asked someone out who actually said yes, it took me awhile to get up the nerve to try once again. But I finally managed to ask if she wanted to see Clerks II on Thursday night–It was the only night we both had off (I have the whole day off; she works till 6:00)--and maybe get something to eat afterwards.

Shockingly, I did not get the response I wanted...

(Which, for the record, would have been something like, “Gosh Jim, that sounds great”.)

Basically, she said she likes to "play it by ear" as to whether she feels energetic enough to see a movie after working all day, and said she'd "let me know" (She asked if my number is listed on the call sheet. And for the record, it is).

I'm reading this as another one of those "I don't want to say no, but I'm saying no" answers that I've gotten so often from women.

You see, by my thinking, if she actually wanted to go out with me, she A. Wouldn't worry about whether she might be "tired" on Thursday, or B. She'd suggest another day/time that might work better for her (In any case, those would be my responses if, in some kind of bizarro-world/alternate universe scenario, a woman I liked actually asked me out).

So I'm about 95% certain it ain't happening. And I have to be honest–now I’m kind of annoyed with her, and with the 5% of my romantic soul that hasn’t died yet; cause now, on Thursday, I’ll be spending the day on pins and needles, waiting for the call that, in all likelihood, will never come.

Why would I do that to myself, you ask?

Because I haven’t given up hope that someday, somehow, some way, I will like a girl who will actually like me back.

And then want to have sex with me.

Tues 7/25/06 (3:58 p.m.)

Well, here’s some good news–I went to see Dr. Hunter today, for a final follow-up on my surgery, and he determined I was “intact”.

I was relieved to hear it, because my recent bout of coughing had made me a bit uncomfortable in the abdominal region (Apparently, there’s a longer way than I thought from “a bit uncomfortable in the abdominal region” to “carrying your innards around in a wheelbarrow”).

In other medical news, I called Dr Tanenbaum’s office today, prepared for there to be a little tension (I got a bill from his office on the 15th, and a statement reminding me about the bill this past Saturday).

But happily, the billing person remembered me and the QueensCare business and all that, and said they’d be “patient”, and let QueensCare do its thing.

(I told her I was very grateful, for both her patience and QueensCare’s help.)

And medically, the bills just keep coming–Got another bill from the Radiology department recently (The first one was for almost $500; the most recent one was for close to $800).

These bills are still making me feel anxious and afraid–I worry at some point that QueensCare will say “We’re all done, Jim. You’re on your own from here”–but till I get word that there are limits to their charity, I’m gonna keep sending those bills their way, in a spirit of profound appreciation and gratitude, and hope for the best.

In work news...

I’m soon going to be doing a new thing at ArcLight–Answering emails.

The interesting part of this is that I didn’t “seek the job out” (Typically, after the basics of snack bar, ushering, and box office, you have to do a “letter of interest” to be trained in other areas of the theater. For example, “Retail” and “Usher Greeting” are things I put in “letters of interest” for).

But a week ago Tuesday, when I was in the break room, a crew person I didn’t know came up to me and said, “So-and-So gave me this to give to you, if you’re interested. It’s the test for doing emails”.

I didn’t know if I was interested or not, actually, but I thought about it, decided I was, and did the “test”, which basically consisted of answering a half-dozen or so “typical” emails from ArcLight guests and/or website visitors.

It was a little harder than it might sound, because I’d never actually been on the website, and didn’t know how to respond to some of the emails because I haven’t been trained in “Guest Services” and didn’t have the needed info. But I asked some of the GS people, and checked out the website to make sure I knew how to navigate it, and took it from there.

I think it’ll be a nice change-of-pace. But more than that, it’s another thing that will hopefully limit my snack-bar time (Which, since learning all this other stuff doesn’t mean you make any more money, is about the only reason to learn all this other stuff).


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