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10:50 pm - Tues 1.11.2011
A Day In The Life

A Day In The Life

This was a busier-than-average day...

Had Weight Watchers in the morning, and actually had to split early, in order to get to my audition for Luck (A new HBO show produced by Dustin Hoffman) at 11:00.

Seemed to go well - for the co-star role of a jockey agent - but it was one of those times when, out in the lobby, I saw a number of guys I thought looked better for the part than I did (For the record, I'm not particularly fond of having that feeling, but sometimes you can't help looking at one of your competitors and thinking, "If I were casting this, I'd cast him).

Then I was back home for a time, then headed back out for a commercial audition (For AT&T) in Santa Monica at 3:30.

This audition required me to dance, which has become a little bit of an "issue" for me - I think of myself as a "good dancer", but that said, I have never booked a commercial where I had to dance.

(It doesn't come up a lot, mind you, but I'd say I've had at least five or six "dance auditions" over the years, some that required learning a simple routine, and some where they just wanted you to "freestyle", and...nothing.)

So I'd like to book this one, for all the usual reasons, but also just to be able to say to myself, "See? You can book a gig where they want you to dance...!"

(Another type of audition that's never led to me booking the gig: Interviews, where you don't have any lines or a character to play - instead, they just ask you a question and you answer it on-camera. It's been a while since I've had an "interview" audition, but similarly, I'd like to get one and "book it", just to prove to myself that I can.)

From the commercial audition - which, again, seemed to go well (The camera guy was very amused, which is what I was going for) - I went directly to Ming Radiological Imaging for the neck ct Dr Alessi ordered.

I almost called to cancel it, but decided "it couldn't hurt" - I had a stiff neck for a week after my surgery, and it's been chronically recurring ever since - just to make sure it isn't something serious.

(I'd gotten there almost an hour early from the audition, and had forgotten my prescription from the Dr., but they called and got the okay from his office, and called me in for the procedure before I was even finished with the paperwork.)

I'm having another problem that is way more worrisome than a stiff neck (Though when it became painful muscle spasms, I was pretty worried) - I'm having some "vocal issues".

It's a bit involved to get into right now, but long story short, if I speak at any length (Say, at group), I develop some "issues" with my voice afterward.

I was all-but-guaranteed that the septoplasty/somnaplasty in November wouldn't have any effect on my voice (Except, perhaps, to make it better).

What I'm currently experiencing, however, is definitely not "better". And it's making me feel, very illogically, that I'm somehow being punished for trying to feel better.

(I'm hoping this is an ongoing side-effect of the infection, and that when that goes away, I'll have a voice again that I can use for longer than 30 seconds at a time, if need be.)


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