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7:16 PM - 04.07.22

The Day After The Thing I Just Did

Well, it was a big relief to finally book a TV thing, post-Shameless - 13 months is a long time to wait - but the best thing about the experience (I shot it yesterday) is that it was not just a "relief".

It was honest-to-goodness fun.

One nice thing (That I didn't mention in the podcast I did this afternoon) is that, instead of having 15 pages of paperwork to go through when I got there, they had me do all the paperwork electronically the night before. I really liked that - I know it may not seem all that arduous, but when I do so little handwriting in my day-to-day life now, having to fill out my name, address, and phone (And all the rest of it), over and over again, is tedious and makes my hand cramp up (And, for the record, I've never enjoyed filling out forms - They want a lot of information to go in a very tiny space, and that stresses out my "Inner Perfectionist").

So I hope that's now SOP that developed over the year-plus I've been "away".

As pleasant as yesterday was, being back in what I'd like to think is "my element", I knew today could potentially be...problematic.

And it kinda/sorta was, but not really - This was definitely a low-key, low-energy, low-accomplishment day...but, unless I'm hiding it from myself, I'm not feeling depressed or let-down (I think the "not feeling the need to accomplish much" mood of the day was because I did "the big thing" yesterday, so felt kind of entitled to "veg" today, in a way I never do normally).

I wish I could talk some specifics about how the shoot went, but I signed an NDA, so I've gotta keep things vague - which is, of course, how the very best journal entries get written.

But it really did feel as if the day went well in every way it could go well - From the pleasant drive there (After hoping, for a hot minute, that it might be shooting at Warners in Burbank) to hanging out at base camp (In a "honey wagon" that exceeded expectations) to a lightning-fast shoot where everyone was quite pleasant (And I felt as if I was doing well both with my acting and my "happy-to-be-there" vibe), to a drive back where I felt so comfortable that I stopped at a Target I'd passed on the way there, then decided to take the freeway from there, since I knew where I was going at that point and could dispense with Google Maps).

In my heart-of-hearts, I would like to have had a scene with the star of the show (Because I'm a real "fame whore" these days - I'm dying to act with big-name people, for "bragging rights", but also because it helps my cause, which is to become more established, and I just want to "mix it up" with the heavy hitters).

But I enjoyed the young actor I worked with - Seemed like a nice kid, and when the time came - It's really his scene, after all - I thought he delivered like gangbusters.

And in the evening, I hung out with Jane, watching a couple episodes of Minx, which we started watching because my friend Tim G. has a recurring in it but are now just enjoying on its own merits.

In other words, it was the best day I've had in a very long time.

So while today was fine?

I'm really going to need some more days like yesterday to happen very soon.


Well, as we watched TV last night, Jane turned to me and said, "I leave a week from tonight".

I wouldn't say it "cast a pall" on the proceedings...but kinda.

I knew going in that her being here for just two weeks this time out wasn't going to be "enough".

But life isn't fair, and if you get anything good, you need to be grateful.

And I am.

In an earlier, less complicated era, she was very committed to being back in town for my birthday next month...but then her health issues multiplied, which meant her doctor visits and tests multiplied, so she's not sure if that's gonna be a thing.

Which is fine - I'll get one or two of "the guys" to have lunch or dinner with me on "the day"...and if that doesn't happen, I'll eat a "Family Size" box of kiddie cereal and "call it good".

Jane is planning on spending a good chunk of June here, however, because we are probably having the world premiere of the documentary then.

(As with the gig I just did, I probably can't go into a lot of details about this either - I haven't signed an NDA, but it just doesn't seem wise to talk about how this and that is happening when "this and that", at present, is not at all guaranteed.)

I don't really know what to expect from this, which is kind of cool - I can't recall the last time I could legitimately say that - but I do expect that some fun will be had, some good feelings will be engendered and beyond that, I have no idea.

But I'm glad it's about to become an actual "thing". The wait - the longest wait of my life on any project I've ever been a part of - has been excruciating.

I'd be lying if I said I have no desires/expectations about the documentary - It's the only "life story" I'm gonna get (Other than this), so it'll be pretty deflating if it comes out and (cue "crickets").

But I honestly don't think that'll be the case - It's really hard for me to imagine it becomes a huge "deal" - to be blunt, I just don't think I'm an important/interesting enough "topic" for that - but I feel pretty confident that something will come of it.

It's hard to believe that all this time and effort and care will lead to....nothing.

But exactly what's gonna happen next?

We're about to find out.

(Till next time...)



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