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12:43 PM - 12.15.16
Welcome To Another Episode Of "Clearing Off My Desk"

Welcome To Another Episode Of "Clearing Off My Desk"


"Religion will forgive God for fucking anything."

(Wish I'd written down if I'm quoting myself there or someone else, or if it was perhaps a possible D-land title - But I'm guessing it's something I read that I very much agree with.


"If it's important to you, you'll find a way. If not, you'll find an excuse."

(I think about this all the time, in terms of my acting, and the fact that I haven't really acted in the past decade-and-a-half. It troubles me that I'm "finding an excuse" when it comes to one of the only things I supposedly want to do in life.)


How To Cook Everything - Bittman

(Someone recommended this to me as a non-cook. I will in all likelihood never buy it.)


"Way more people have tried to help me than harm me. The harm just seems to leave the deeper mark."

That's a line from the series finale of Rectify that leapt out at me, in an "I could have written this in my journal (and probably have in some form)" kind-of-way (This will mean nothing if you haven't seen the show, but I very much related to "Daniel Holden", the show's lead character).


"Showing-off is not acting."

(I've had to tell myself that when, in a couple of Shameless episodes that required me to perform in some way, they either went with takes where I made mistakes, or - in the episode where I sang karaoke - actually fiddled with the sound to make me out-of-sync with the music. Because while "Jim" is a passable singer and dancer, and would like the world to see that, "Kermit" probably wouldn't be. And "Showing-off is not acting" makes the bigger point that my initial motivation to act was to show-off, but that's not what it's about, especially not if you're a character-guy.)


Listening to Jerry Seinfeld talk about Seinfeld, I was intrigued/amused that, when they had a guest-actor who wasn't delivering a line to their satisfaction, the direction they would always give them was "louder and faster".

(It reminded me of the instruction I got from the CD at my Gilmore Girls audition years ago, which was to say "That was do it about a thousand times faster".)


"Why am I not 'driven'? Cause I'm not - If I were, I'd be successful."

(That could be an entire journal entry all by itself - all my life I've been frustrated by the fact that I want to be successful...but not enough to do very much about it.)


The fantasy was to play characters "bigger than myself". The reality is that I play characters "smaller than myself".

(I don't think I'm ever going to get over my disappointment about this.)


"I don't want life to imitate art, I want life to be art!"

-From Postcards From The Edge-

(That fact that I also feel this way is, I think, one of the myriad of thoughts that keep me from being happy.)


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