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2:26 pm - Friday, Sept. 28, 2007
My Dirty Sexy Diaryland Entry

My Dirty Sexy Diaryland Entry

Well, it's nice to be able to start this entry with some happy news: Logging onto the SAG website earlier and checking out the "residuals tracker", I saw I'm due a $1500 check from foreign airings of my Gilmore Girls and Nip/Tuck episodes.

I hadn't even thought about the shows airing in other countries, and what that would mean to me monetarily, so that was a nice surprise.

A big "Thumbs up!" to unexpected checks :)


I recently set up an account at Facebook (Someone invited me, and I accepted).

I don't really "get" sites like MySpace and Facebook, but I guess it doesn't hurt anything (Besides, it's probably something I should do, in terms of promoting myself as an actor).

Anyway, this is the way I describe myself on my Facebook "Profile" page:

Former foster child, present day movie usher and actor. Single (Probably for the duration), but still crave sex and female companionship. On the long side of "middle-aged". Living with my cat in a dirty apartment, and dreaming of bigger, better things. Smart. funny. Prone to the blues. Agnostic-leaning-towards-atheist. Yearning for more fun, more friends, more meaning, more LIFE.


A pretty full weekend (For any newcomers, my "weekend" is Wednesday and Thursday).

I had an audition on Wednesday for Journeyman, a new show on NBC, that went quite well (Brett sent me in for the wrong thing, but the "up" side of that is that I ended up reading for two roles, instead of just the one).

(Brett thought I was going in for "Sleazy Guy", when I was really going in for "Hot Dog Guy". And yes, I just played a "Hot Dog Guy" on Monk.)

It's looking like I didn't get it--tv casting usually moves pretty fast--and that's disappointing, of course, but doesn't completely detract from the fact that it was my second time at UDK--a tough casting office to get into--and I know it went well; I'm certain that won't be the last time they call me in for something. The casting director said I had "a great look"--not the first time I've heard that (Though I don't usually hear it directly from casting directors)--and he seemed genuinely enthusiastic about what I'd done.


Saw two movies over the weekend.

Eastern Promises, directed by David Cronenberg, and starring Naomi Watts and Viggo Mortenson, is not a movie I can recommend in here--It has some very graphic violence I know a number of you would find very off-putting.

That said, I thought it was quite good, with a particularly impressive performance by Mortenson (If I didn't already know Mortenson, I'd have thought they just hired a Russian actor for the part).

Into The Wild, directed by Sean Penn, and starring Emile Hirsch, Catherine Keener, Vince Vaughn, and Hal Holbrook, on the other hand, is a movie I can recommend to all of you.

I found it very moving and thought-provoking. It made me think about nature (And my own relationship to it), about what it means to be truly alive, and the risks and rewards of following your own path in life.

Beyond all that, it's beautiful to look at, and has a lovely soundtrack.

Go see it.


Spent yesterday afternoon with Pat M.

We started at Carneys, for chili dogs and fries, then went to The Abbey for desert, then stopped off at Book Soup, where I bought a Larry McMurty novel (Telegraph Days) and a book of actor interviews called Actors At Work.

It was a very fun, if expensive, afternoon.


My desire to write more is warring with my fatigue, and desire to lie down before work tonite...

My DVR has been working overtime, to catch the new network shows.

So far I've seen:

1. Chuck
2. Journeyman
3. Reaper
4. Back To You
5. Bionic Woman
6. Life
7. Private Practice
8. Big Shots
9. Dirty Sexy Money

The two definite winners are Chuck and Reaper. They were both just a lot of fun, and I'll be putting those in the regular rotation.

Back To You--I've seen the first two episodes now--just isn't of much interest to me, in spite of Kelsey Grammer and Patricia Heaton.

And Private Practice, the Grey's Anatomy spin-off, was terrible. And since that's the second time I've had a terrible viewing experience with that show (The two hour Grey's Anatomy episode/PP "pilot" sucked too), I'm pretty much done with that one.

I didn't like Big Shots because I didn't like the guys (Not the actors, but their characters). I may try it one more time...but probably not.

The other shows? Good enough that I can see giving them another look, at least.


Well, I'm fading fast, so I think I am going to take to my bed, prior to whatever excitement ArcLight has in mind for me this evening...


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