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1:48 pm - Mon 5/3/04
\"Put the bat down and step away from the dish, Sir...\"

"Put the bat down and step away from the dish, Sir..."
Sun 5/2/04 (12:28 p.m.)

Just accidently deleted an entry I'd been working on all morning.

That used to drive me crazy, and while I'm still not delighted when it happens, I try to take a more "cosmic" attitude about it now, telling myself, "Well, I guess that entry just wasn't meant to be".

Immediately before I started to write, all about how I was "feeling better now", I read that SAG wants to raise the cost of membership 65% (From $1365 to $2085), specifically to "discourage" new members.

(Personally, I was pretty "discouraged" by the old membership fee...)

Well, if the comment by Gail and the email I received from Bill H. are any indication�and I believe they are-- my last entry was not the "ray of sunshine" I'd intended it to be, but that's okay�It may not have seemed all that uplifting, but it worked for me.

I think realizing the "futility" of giving over to depression and negative thinking is "a good start" for me. Not to get mad at myself about it, cause I know that doesn't work, but to say "Okay, after you've gotten yourself all depressed and upset, what are you gonna do for an encore, Jim?".

What does being depressed do for me? What do I gain?


Just got back from my first audition in almost three weeks (Something for Time Warner Cable).

I was surprised to get the call from JS on Saturday morning--I have jury duty this week, which I'd told him about (By both phone and follow-up email)--but "no harm, no foul"; when I called to check when I'd have to go in for jury duty, they said call back tonite after 7:00.

(This could be a rough stretch of time; I had the audition a little after noon, I work from 3:00 till 11:30--meaning I'll get home after midnight--and if I have to report for jury duty tomorrow, they'll want me at the courthouse downtown at 7:30 a.m. I'm hoping maybe I'll luck out, get called in on Wednesday or Thursday, and not have to serve. But anyway...)

The audition today was a lot of fun.

I was chief of "the dish police", being interviewed for a documentary.

It starts out with the documentarian asking which cases are particularly tough to handle, to which I reply "We get a lot of dish calls. Some poor guy buys HDTV, then finds out he has to buy a lot of extra equipment for it to work with his dish. He gets mad, then things get ugly".

Then I take a call, and have to talk a guy down from his roof, where he's beating the hell out of his satellite dish ("Put the bat down, and step away from the dish, sir...").

(They actually had a working bullhorn there, which I thought was pretty cool; Usually, you have to mime stuff like that.)

There was one point where I said, "This would never have happened if he'd stuck with cable. This is the sort of thing that keeps me up at night...".

This is exactly the sort of commercial I want to book. It's funny, I'm the lead, and it would look great on a reel.

Wish me luck.

Well, I wanted to babble on, but I have to head off to work...


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