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3:46 pm - 04.20.2008
Damned If I Do...

Damned If I Do...

(This is part of a first draft for a previous entry, but I wanted to save this part for posterity, to show you - and myself - the emotional traps I like to set for myself.)

This has been a crazy month for auditions - In the past two weeks, Iíve had seven (Six commercial, and one theatrical; yesterday, I went in to Valko-Miller Casting - who cast Two-And-A-Half Men, amongst other things - to audition for the three-line part of ďBand DirectorĒ in a one-hour pilot).

A bunch of auditions like this is exactly what I want - you have to audition in order to work, after all - and itís a really nice recovery from the five-week audition drought I went through earlier.

But the inherent danger, particularly after all the callbacks I've gotten, is crashing big time if all this activity doesnít lead to any bookings.

So now itís official: Iím damned if I do (have auditions) and damned if I donít (book any of them)


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