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1:08 pm - Thurs 10.02.2008
Climbing DOWN The Ladder Of Success

Climbing Down The Ladder Of Success

(There's a new post up on my other blog if you want to check it out.)

One thing I was writing about on the "characterman" blog was that I looked (Or tried to look) at another apartment yesterday.

I was taking a morning constitutional (Going down 6th street, towards Downtown), thinking about my finances - and in particular, how there had to be cheaper rents out there (Even if I never saw them advertised) - when I passed a run-down looking apartment building with a "For Rent" sign on it.

It had a couple hand-written phone numbers on it, so I called the one with the local area code, but didn't get the help I needed.

The building had a gate around it, but a side entrance was open, so I went in, and found my way to the lobby, and to the managers door (Which had it's own little "security gate" around it, which gave me pause).

Unfortunately, it was her first day on the job, and she didn't have keys to the apartments yet (?); she asked me if I could "come back later", and we agreed that I'd come back around 5:00.

But when I went back, she still didn't have keys.

She also didn't know the policy about pets, which made me want to ask her, "Are you really the apartment manager?" (I refrained).

Anyway, I'm going to try again later today (I think I'm going to employ the "three strikes" rule if I can't see the apartment today).

The neighborhood is "sketchier" than where I live, the building much more run-down - inside and out - than my current building, and the apartment is a "bachelor" (no kitchen facilities), as opposed to the comparatively spacious "single" I've lived in for the past six years or so.

(On the "plus" side, there's a Food-4-Less within walking distance. And the Rampart police station is right next door, so at least if I'm killed during a break-in, the cops won't have far to go to investigate.)

The big "selling point"? The only selling point?

It's almost $190 a month cheaper than what I'm paying now.

Under the circumstances, that's a pretty big "selling point".

So like I said, I'm going to try and get a look at one of the apartments today; I really and truly don't want to move, particularly not when it would feel like a severe case of "moving down in the world".

(But if that's what I gotta do...)

I guess, trying to be positive about things, it's nice to know that if I'm not able to afford my current modest circumstances, there's another option beyond A) Homelessness, or B) Slinking back to Michigan in defeat.

But I'd much rather forgo all this...unpleasantness, and just start succeeding again.


Back to my "other" blog...

I'm going to try to keep it going, for various reasons, and see what happens.

But after an email I received earlier today, I wanted to apologize to anyone who's felt upset or put-off by how hard I was pushing it, in terms the "money making aspect"- I'm "cash-poor" right now, and thought I'd happened on a relatively easy way to make a little extra money, but I didn't want to turn any of you off, or make you feel shortchanged in terms of Diaryland, or feel like I just want to turn you all into "customers".

In short, if "mistakes were made", I apologize.

And I hope you'll continue to stick with me :)


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