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12:33 am - Sat 11.29.2008
Because I Care Enough To Write A Second Draft

Because I Care Enough To Write A Second Draft

You know, considering I've been doing this for 28 years now ("This" being journaling), it's amazing sometimes how much I suck at it.

(I've spent the evening writing in here, and coudn't finish the entry I was working on; it was so deadly dull, I couldn't proofread it without dozing off. So this is me, in effect, balling up my sheet of paper, cursing, and starting over.)

But anyway...

I feel as if I should write about the photo shoot on Tuesday, but I'm afraid I've let too much time go by, and I'm really past it.

But fortunately for you, if you're on pins and needles about how things went (And if you are, what's wrong with you?), I wrote a relatively pithy entry about it on my "Characterman" blog.

(Basically, it was a pretty fun day, except for the actual shooting - I was experiencing a fair amount of hernia discomfort at the time, to the point where just standing upright long enough to have my picture taken made me a "Profile in Courage" - and now I'm just looking forward to getting the check.)

But while I may be "over" the photo shoot, I'm still buzzing over The Shield Tuesday night.

I won't bore you with the plot (It was the 90-minute long series finale), because either you're a fan of the show and saw it already, or else you're not, and you didn't, and you don't care.

But as an actor, and a longtime fan of the show, I thought it was a just-about-perfect end to a great series (And I agree with all the people who said afterwards, "somebody send this to David Chase, so he can see how you send your show off on a high note...").

(Right now, if you asked me, "So Jim, what kind of stuff do you want to do as an actor?", I'd direct you to the episode in question. I was just that impressed - In short, I love Sean Ryan, and want to have a hundred of his talented babies.)

But anyway...

Enjoyed my Thanksgiving with Cary and Kay and Donovan - Got there around 11 a.m and stayed till 5:30 or so.

Holidays are tricky for me - I feel sorry for myself if I don't have anywhere to go, and I feel uncomfortable with invitations I suspect are more out of pity than anything else - so to have somewhere to go where I feel comfortable, where I feel like I belong, where I know they enjoy my being there as much as I enjoy being there...well, that's pretty special to me.

In short, it was a very nice day.

And speaking of "festive"...

Cary's going to help me with my hernia - not by performing the repair (He's a very capable guy, mind you, but their are limits even to his skills), but by providing me transportation to-and-fro (Or at least "fro"; I could probably manage "to" if need be).

Tentatively, we're looking at Wednesday the 10th, if that works out for all parties (For Cary, for Dr F., and of course, for "Hernia Boy").

For various reasons, it needs to happen sooner rather than later - I'm uncomfortable, for one thing, and for another, Cary and family are heading back to MI in mid-December.

And as unhappy as the thought of recovering from surgery over the holidays makes me (Like I don't find the holidays depressing enough "as is"), it's really the best time to get it done; Better now than the beginning of the year, when things will (Hopefully) be heating up, both in terms of auditions and Weight Watcher meetings, and I won't want to be incapacitated when I could and should be making money "hand over fist".

And in the file marked "I hope it never comes to this", we discussed the issue of making him the Executor of my will (Currently, I don't have an "executor" or a "will") and giving him "Power of Attorney", in the event I become - there's that word again - incapacitated.

With no spouse and no family, in the event of my untimely demise, I think the state would basically put me in a Hefty bag and toss my crap in the dumpster.

And while I'd likely be beyond caring at that point, I just don't like the idea - I'd rather imagine a cheap-and-tacky memorial, and my crap divvied out to my handful of friends and well-wishers, who could then do with it as they see fit.

And I'd want Cary be in charge of all that.

I also want to give him "Power of Attorney" in the event I fall over in my apartment again, ending up in a "persistent vegetative state" - I would trust him to do and say the right things to the right people.

(I haven't actually filled out any forms yet, but I did download a "California Statutory Will", so that's a start.)

Okay, that's pretty much all the stuff I wanted to get into this entry, and it's shorter than my first draft, and I'm tired, so now I'm done.


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