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9:17 am - Sun 12/01/02
\"I'm sorry, but I can't come in to work today. I'm only part-way through the second season of 'buffy' on DVD...\"

"I'm afraid I can't come in to work today. I'm only partway through the second season of Buffy on DVD..."

Sat 11/30/02 (Offline)

(Doing this offline because Kyle is going to be calling me at some point after 2:00 o'clock. Since we're having another rainy day in LA, I called her and asked for a ride. She's going in early, but I figure I can keep myself entertained till the official work hour rolls around.)

I trust everyone had a good Thanksgiving...?

Mine was quite nice. I left to go to Cary and Kay's some time shortly after noon on Thursday, and the drive was pretty easy; No real slowdown in traffic till I got on the 5, and even that was fairly brief.

In addition to Yours Truly, they had invited Mike and Kim (Cary's former boss and his wife. Kim is also a Borders manager, so we had that connection), and also Ken, who works under Cary now that Cary's "Manager Guy".

I felt my usual wave of anxiety when meeting up with strangers, and there were some awkward-feeling moments, where I alternately felt like I had nothing to say (When the topic turned to their favorite home improvement shows, for example) and that I was saying way too much (I worried at one point that I was coming on like I was the only one who'd ever seen a movie or watched a tv show). But those were pretty short-lived moments; The three "strangers" quickly became three fun people, there turned out to be any number of things we all could talk about, and of course, I already know Cary and Kay (And as I've suggested in past entries, they're pretty cool).

And the food was excellent; I'm not very good at description, so I'll just say there was some first-rate turkey breast (Stuffed with saugage--Yum!), mashed potatoes and gravy, stuffing, and pretty much everything you'd want to make your Thanksgiving right (No pie--I like pie--but Kim had brought an excellent German chocolate cake, and Cary and Kay had three different types of ice cream; Being the indecisive sort, I had all three--Vanilla, Chocolate Truffle Explosion, and Apple Pie).

We played a fun game called "Outburst" that I'd never played before (You get a subject--"Classical Composers", for example--and have to name as many examples as you can, hopefully getting all ten that are on the card. Then in "Reverse Outburst", you get the clues, and have to guess the subject. I thought that was quite a bit harder). It was Cary, Mike, and I, against Kay, Ken, and Kim (My team won. I think games are always more enjoyable when that's the outcome...)

(I think this is a semi-interesting point; I'm an actor, but I don't really like games that require mime, or acting-out scenes, or anything where the point is basically for everyone to look stupid. Or more to the point, for me to look stupid.)

Anyway, my overall judgement was that this was a particularly good Thanksgiving.

I had asked if I could stay overnight, to thwart the anxiety I feel over an evening of fun ending with me driving around and around my neighborhood, cursing the LA parking scene, so when Cary and Kay hit the sack, around 10:30, I stayed up, availing myself of their cable tv, and Cary's computer.

I watched Witness, which was on AMC, and once again it occurred to me that Witness is a pretty-close-to-perfect movie; If you want spaceships and such you're out-of-luck, but if humor, romance, action, and culture-clash comedy are your thing, it's great.


There was also a "Buffy" marathon on FX. So while Kay had forbidden the watching of said marathon while the holiday was happening, I was able to catch an episode before heading off to bed (The one I caught was where Spike and Buffy "do the nasty").

I'd thought about writing a journal entry while I was at their house, but I was in a no-man's-land between sleep and wakefulness--Too awake to go to bed when Cary and Kay did, too sleepy to do anything that required more than starting blankly at images on a tv screen (I did check to see if I had email, and if any of my fellow journalers had updated; I didn't, and they hadn't).

So I watched some more stuff--I vaguely remember a bit of Rockford Files--then trundled off to bed, sometime after 2:00 am.

I woke up at my usual time--around 7:00--but dozed for another hour before getting up for good.

Cary was up, reading the paper, and Kay got up shortly after. We had coffee, and plain strawberry Pop-Tarts, and watched Eight-Legged Freaks, which Kay had rented the day before (Cary and Kay thought it was "silly fun". I thought it crossed over into just being dumb).

After that, Cary got out the DVD player.

He asked me about my tv--the antenna/cable connections and such--so he'd know what he needed to send along with me (Like an "RF Modulator"), and then drew a little schematic for hooking the DVD player up to my tv, because I'm pretty retarded about that sort of thing.

He also offered up his old TV, which I debated taking, then declined (Then when I got home, and realized how much bigger it was than my tv--25" vs 19"--I kind of regretted my decision).

The ride home was a little rough. The traffic was fine and everything, I was just very, very tired; The trip, which was less than an hour, seemed much longer, and pushed up against being slightly scary (I remember, back in Michigan, often being scared on the ride home from work. I'd be so tired and foggy, I was deathly afraid I'd get in an accident before I got home).

But I did make it home, without killing myself or anyone else, and after a brief tour around the neighborhood, found a parking spot on the other side of the street, just a block down from my building.

The first order of business once I got home was, of course, to hook up the DVD player.

Cary's diagram was very clear, very helpful. And I still managed to screw it up (Nothing major, mind you--I got the DVD hooked up and working, but in my excitement, forgot to reconnect my VCR--but it was enough to continue my ongoing streak of not being able to do any practical task, no matter how simple, without a little glitch of some sort).

Cary sent me home with a copy of Lord Of The Rings (It came with his new DVD player, but he already has a copy), and lent me his first and second season collections of Buffy.

(He also had my tape of Angel episodes, so I was in a wonderful world of sedentary pleasure.)

So from Friday afternoon till I had to go in to work on Saturday, I pretty much did nothing but watch stuff; I've gotten through the first season of Buffy, watched the Angel video, and am working my way through Buffy, Season II.

So far, we're just loving our new DVD player...

Great picture quality, crystal-clear freeze frames, single frame advance (Would be pretty handy for instructional stuff), not to mention those little extra goodies (Which are the reason I started lusting after a DVD player in the first place). It's just too cool for words.

In the latter part of the afternoon Friday, I called Kyle, to "check in" and see if she "wanted to do something" (She'd gotten back into town at some point Thanksgiving Day, after visiting her family in Chicago).

I kind of knew I wasn't doing the right thing--I've actually read The Rules. Don't ask my why--and that I was probably just embarrassing myself, but I couldn't seem to help it.

Anyway, she wasn't home. I left a message, regretted it immediately, then decided it really didn't matter; If she got the message and just thought I was "Harmless Bored Guy", that was fine, and if she thought I was "Confused Guy Who Thought He Had A Chance", that was all right too (As recent experience shows, all a woman has to do to indicate her disinterest is to do nothing. And sure enough, when she gave me a ride yesterday, nothing was said of the matter, which was fine by me. Once again, message received. "Smarter than the average bear", that's me).

I wasn't hopping and skipping for joy to be back at work, but there was something to brighten my outlook a bit...

John has hired a number of new people for the holiday, and one of those number is Susy, a very cute, very personable 35-year-old, originally from Michigan (I forget where, exactly. I think just outside Detroit).

There wasn't loads of time to talk, what with all the retail, but I did find out she's been here about two-and-a-half years. She worked for a time as a record promoter, then in advertising, which is how she got out here (She relocated here for an advertising job, then was promptly laid off. In the time since, she's found it harder to get back into the advertising business than she might have imagined).

So she's cute, funny, we seemed to initially hit if off, she's "age-appropriate".

What's not to like?

The first concern, right now, is that I'm not the only lonely single guy at the bookstore (In fact, you could say the place is lousy with us). Brad W., Robert, Me, Tim G., etc). But we'll just have to see how it goes (Honestly? All of us have certain "loser-ish" qualities, so I'm not as nervous about the competition as I might be. After all, it's not as if I'm competing out of my weight class, or anything like that).

(She's at work next on Tuesday, but I don't know when. If it's a mid-shift or a close, I'm good, but if she's opening, I probably won't see her. But anyway...)


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