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5:12 pm - Thursday, Feb. 15, 2007
The Danger Zone

The Danger Zone (Alternate Title: Boys Just Wanna Have FUN)

The Pala Casino callback was earlier today.

And like the initial audition, it was really fun.

In addition to the original copy, they had us doing another spot (Where "Hoyt" is hawking his new instructional video, "How To Win Zippo At Pala").

The director re-directed me here and there, and in my own estimation, I did a good job at running with it (Before I went in, the girl running the audition said the director had asked one actor to do the copy with a New York accent, so I worked on that a bit--just in case--but wasn't asked to do it in the room).

Right at the end-to my surprise-they asked me to dance.

(Even though it hasn't led to my getting a gig yet, I think of my being able to dance as a great "secret weapon" for this line-of-work. And today, when they hit the music and I started struttin' my stuff--trying to keep it looking as "country" as possible--they were clearly surprised and impressed. It's just not something you expect a middle-aged white guy to be able to do.)

I left feeling like I did my best, and that "my best" was pretty damned good, and that booking the gig was definitely possible.

And now we're in "The Danger Zone".

I really want this--For the money, of course, but also because it was just so much fun, and couldn't be more different than what I did for the "Bahamavention" spot--And I feel like I did a very good job.

And it's totally possible they'll "go another way".

So I desperately want the phone to ring, with JS on the other end telling me I booked it. And at the same time, I'm telling myself that "If you don't book this, it doesn't mean you didn't rock today...", and how "they'll be other fun, lucrative gigs if you don't get this one...".

Hoping for the best, preparing for the worst (And telling myself "the worst" really won't be that bad).

Seriously, if I don't get it, I still feel like I did well enough today that it'll help me in the future. If they feel like some other guy looks better for it, or is more "right" for it somehow, they're still going to remember my audition today, and bring me in for other things. It's practically guaranteed.

But still...

I'd really like to book this. It just seems like it would be so much fun (And this has made me realize that "fun" is a big part of what I'm looking for in acting).

And if I booked this, added to the "Bahamavention" spot, the "Propel" spot, and the Comcast promos, I think that would be enough income for me to say buh-bye to ArcLight.

But it's just one gig. And if I don't book this, that just means something else is on the way, that the runway is cleared for something just as good, if not better.

I still want it, tho...


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