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7:14 am - Fri 4.24.2009
Jack-In-The - Effing- Box


Had an audition for Jack-In-The-Box yesterday.

I've said it a number of times, I'm sure, but sometimes it's hard for me not to get depressed over...well, over how depressing these things can be.

I had two lines of copy, was basically instructed not to "act" - you're often instructed not to "act" at commercial auditions ("Acting" is almost a dirty word) - and I left feeling like nothing I did sold me over anyone else who was there.

In other words, another "Face Lottery".

And there's nothing I can do about my face - It's either what they're (sometimes) buying, or it's (mostly) not.

So, I have auditions where I'm enthused about what I might get to do (Chilis, FiberOne), where I feel like I can bring my acting ability into the room and it might effect the decision-making process...but I don't book the job.

And I have auditions where I'm depressed because there really isn't anything to do, where I feel like I'm basically being judged as a more or less desirable piece of meat...and I'm not booking those jobs either.

I'm going back to bed...


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