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12:14 pm - Mon 3/08/04

Well, I shouldn't be doing this, but I'm just too whipped to be doing anything else (So far this morning, I've grocery shopped, done some--minimal--picking up around the house, and just bought a new shower curtain. I also went out to the car, and brought in the stuff I bought at the linen place on Beverly yesterday).

I'll do what I can, after work tonite and before I have to pick M & J up at the airport tomorrow, but they may just have to don some biohazard suits before entering the premises...

Physically, this has been a really crappy couple of days--My right heel is hurting pretty bad (Not helped by my 4 mile hike Saturday), I've got a rash (Which made the aforementioned hike even less fun than it might have been otherwise), I feel like I've been beaten by large men with sticks, and I'm so exhausted that it seems perfectly reasonable to respond to any frustration, however mild, by either flying into a rage or bursting into tears.

Fortunately, a long weekend approaches, I get to see my bestest friends from back home tomorrow, and a short time ago, I got two little ego-boosts regarding the commercial stuff.

One of the "ego-boosts" may sound kind of odd: I didn't get the Comcast thing.

I kind of assumed that was the case at this point, but I got confirmation today, and the fact that I got "confirmation" belongs in the "It's A Small World" File.

At the callback, who should I run into but Garrett P., a coworker of mine from the bookstore back in Michigan; He's out here now, in the biz--on the other side of the camera--and was assisting the producers.

I won't bore you with the whole story, but basically, Garrett called me today to say that I was basically "runner up" on the spot (Apparently, the director had liked one guy's "look" from the get-go, before anything got put on tape, so I was, without knowing it, fighting a pretty uphill battle; I know from previous experience that it's difficult-next-to-impossible to get a director to change their mind if they have a preconceived notion of what they want).

But Garrett, seeing my tape, said it was really good, that it still got laughs even after they'd seen it more than once, and--most interesting to me--he said my reading was different from pretty much anyone else's.

Of course I'm disappointed that I didn't get it, but to get that close tells me I will get the big one sometime soon.

The other "ego boost" was to find out the Hyundai commercial is running.

A nice middle-aged hispanic couple in the building, who I know enough to greet when I pass them in the lobby, stopped me today to say they'd seen me on tv.

I said "Oh, that's really cool! Was it the video, or the HBO commercial?", and that's when the woman said "No, it was for Hyundai".

They were very excited about it, and it struck me again--It's pretty cool to have stuff out there, actually getting seen.

I think I'm going to really dig being a celebrity...!

(I called Boxer today, to see who I needed to deal with to get a tape of the spot; the receptionist gave me the producers voicemail, so we'll see what happens.)

Well, "Ego boosts" and visits from VIPs aside, I am just dying here. I gotta get me some shut-eye...


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