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10:39 PM - Weds 9.07.22

Film Festivals, Live Auditions, and Problems At "The Factory"

(Man, I don't even know how long it's been since I last wrote in here and I'm not gonna look...!)

Well, the biggest news around these parts is that, after waiting for what felt like an eternity, the time has come for Acting Like Nothing Is Wrong to start playing film festivals.

As of this writing, we are slated for four film festivals before year's end: Los Angeles, Santa Fe, St George (Utah), and East Lansing.

Los Angeles was the most recent acceptance, which we were both pretty excited about - Having a "World Premiere" in LA just has a nice ring to it (Though I guess there are still a couple film festivals that could give us the nod and scoot in ahead of LA. Which would then make the LA Festival our "West Coast Premiere") - but each festival has its own special appeal.

Jane lives in Santa Fe (And I've visited a number of times now), so I think that'll be pretty cool. And we both lived in the Lansing area a good chunk of time, so we're hoping for a good turnout there as well (And it's been a few years since I was last there - for the film, as a matter of fact - so it'll be nice to go back to the homeland).

And DocUtah seems particularly excited about the film - Not only are they making the film that night's "special event", but they've also asked us to do some kind of "master class" presentation in front of a group of students (Mostly film students, I believe) who won't even have seen the film at that point.

(They're also paying us a little something for the class, and putting each of us up in hotels for a couple nights. Which, according to Jane, is not S.O.P. for these things.)

So it's all quite exciting, to say the least.


(10:08 pm)

Back from Jane R's LA digs, where I go sometimes because she has more streaming services than I do...

(While I was there, I watched the last two episodes of She-Hulk. And I have to say, I may need to tap out. It's pretty damned dumb. But anyway...)

I've been a little depressed by the dearth of acting opportunities lately, so it was nice to get a commercial audition yesterday.

But it wasn't just any commercial audition - It was an actual audition, where I went to a place to do the thing, the rarest of rare events these days.

I've gotten used to doing self-tapes now (After much weeping and wailing). But there's still the feeling of "Am I really doing anything here?".

So it felt good to go to the place (Which is a short drive away, has easy parking, and is right next door to a Ralphs, so I can pick up some groceries after if I want), and know that at least the camera guy saw my audition.

But that said, I felt out of practice - I can't really explain it, because the "acting" part isn't really different than what I'm doing at home when I self-tape, but when I used to have auditions 30, 40, 50 times a year, I learned how to emotionally "manage myself" in the room.

In the last couple years, I could count on one hand the number of "live auditions" I've had, so each time I have one, I'm both excited and nervous about the relative novelty of it ("Jeez, it's been a long time since I've done this....!").

So I think I did all right...but I was nervous.

(If I get a callback, that'll be on Monday.)


(At this point I'm going to discuss personal medical stuff, so if you want to bail now, I won't hold it against you...)

Getting blood drawn tomorrow, prior to a return visit to my Endocrinologist.

For a while now, I've been having a testosterone issue, said "issue" being that I seem to be making less and less of it (In three blood tests, I've gone from "low-normal" to "lower-normal" to "substantially below-normal").

My PCP had prescribed testosterone gel, and I was a happy camper, but he became concerned about blood clot risk - since I had a blood clot in my leg a while back - so he referred me to an Endocrinologist, who then sent me to a Hematologist.

The blood work-up okayed me to go back on the testosterone, and apparently determined the problem is not my pituatary gland, so the next step would be to get "the boys" x-rayed to see if there's a problem "at the factory".

Which I kind of don't want to do.

Because I'm shy.

But I expect I will break down and get it done, because even though I haven't been "close" to a woman in...a very, very long time, I'm not prepared to have that pilot light go out.

And sex-drive aside, when you stop producing testosterone, it apparently affects your bone-density, muscle-tone, and probably a couple other things I've forgotten about from talking to the Endocrinologist.

So the blood test tomorrow is to check and see if I'm where I should be, I guess, testosterone-wise.

Then I guess it'll be off to get my gonads looked at.

(How fun...!)

And that seems like as good a note as any to close on.

TIll next time...



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