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10:06 am - Sun 6/6/04
Entry Interruptus

Entry Interruptus

Sun 6/6/04 (1:21 a.m.)

Falling asleep...which wouldn't be a bad thing, but I'll be up again all too soon.

But anyway...

Wanted to let you know ("You" being the handful of people who enjoy making comments in here)–My comments section was down briefly, but I have re-upped for the "Supergold" membership (There was some sort of glitch, and I was never notified that my membership was about to expire). So anyway, let those comments fly!

I don't think I've mentioned in here...was going to Vegas with Kevin this weekend, but when he tried to make reservations, all the hotels were booked (Turned out there was a big fight going on this weekend. Oscar De LaHoya and...someone else). So plans have been postponed till Thursday; we're staying Thursday and Friday, I think at Circus Circus (He leaves for Lansing late Saturday night).

Vegas should be fun (Though in terms of gambling, I don't know how to do anything except play blackjack). It's been a couple years now since I've been to a new place, so I'm getting kind of psyched. Vegas strikes me as the kind of place you should see at least once in your life.

Today was a fairly low-key day.

We were going to go to the beach, but I'd crapped out physically by early afternoon, so we decided to hold off till tomorrow (i.e. later today).

Checked out the Sears on Santa Monica Blvd. this morning, hoping they would have Land's End suit separates (Mark and Jane gave me a Land's End gift certificate for my birthday, and I've been thinking I would put it towards a suit).

Unfortunately, their Land's End selection was pretty minimal–no suits–and after debating whether to buy something from their limited stock, I decided to hold off.

Then we stopped by the bookstore. Kevin had mentioned wanting to see it, and I had a dvd of Lonesome Dove that had come in as a special order (And my $30 credit waiting for me), so the time seemed right.

We ate at the café–Kevin really liked his chicken wrap and bean soup–then after I paid for the dvd, we went across the street to Macy's, at the Beverly Center (Kevin wanted to check it out, since he's never actually been in a Macy's before; he was a little disappointed to discover it was just another store).

Well, I'm about to fall out of my chair here...I think I'm going to hit the sack.


Well, this feels like not even half an entry--more like a third--but we're heading out to the beach, so I'll have to catch up later...


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